Anthony Jeselnik once said that he strove to become the comedian that he would love watching as a college student.

His dark and shameless humor makes him very unique, and there’s no one quite like him. His bits will consist of telling a story and then taking a hard left with a violent and unexpected ending.

Robert Mays of The Ringer articulated this idea very well. He said, “This is trademark Jeselnik—a tension-building setup that ends with a twist of both the premise and the knife. No matter where a joke seems to be headed, a hard turn for the terrible is looming just around the corner”.

The idea of not making a joke about a tragedy because it is “too soon” does not matter to Jeselnik. He takes this mentality with him on social media. After both the Aurora shooting and the Boston Marathon attack, Jeselnik took to Twitter and jokingly referenced the incidents. 

One may object to his shameless humor and unapologetic ways. This type of dark humor may not be for you, but it’s admirable to go against the norm of everyone being so politically correct in this day and age. Jeselnik has his own niche in the comedy world.

Dark humor makes everyone step back and avoid taking life too seriously. If one can make light of horrifying times it is for the best. Our country has become very politically correct and Jeselnik completely disregards this idea. He normalizes controversy which is important because everyone has to be so careful nowadays with everything we say. In particular, people who are famous must always have a fear of their words being taken out of context.

His unapologetic dark humor will help alleviate the fear of being politically correct by nonchalantly talking about controversy. If we all had the same mentality as he does, we might then become immune to touchy subjects and not get so offended by everything.

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