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The Climate Reality Campus Corps at Iowa State hosted a youth climate strike and rally March 15 at the Agora on campus. The group marched to the ISU Power Plant, which is the coal/natural gas power plant providing almost all of the energy used on campus, with the rest being electricity purchased from outside campus. 

As we have all heard, climate change is more prominent now than ever. According to recent research, we only have a couple months (which was first believed to be 12 years) before the damage we have caused to our planet becomes irreversible.

Using reusable straws to save the turtles and reusable water bottles won’t cut it anymore. And although those efforts don’t go unappreciated, a larger action needs to be taken in order to make an impact. We need those who are higher up to take the reigns on which direction climate change will take with the short amount of time we have left. 

With all the damage we have caused and continue to produce, it is surprising that we have been able to remain on this planet for as long we have. 

Many states have placed new laws beginning in the year 2020 to help against climate change.

First up, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown signed two bills that would ban the use of single-use plastic straws (unless requested) and plastic bags beginning Jan. 2020. However, it excludes bags for produce, meat, dry cleaning and other items alike. 

Along with Oregon, the states California, Connecticut, Maine, New York and Vermont passed statewide plastic bag restriction policies.

New York passed a law that would require the state to reduce its carbon pollution to zero by 2050. The downside to this is that it is unclear how they plan to accomplish this and when they will begin, but at least the goal is clear.

More states should follow their examples on tackling climate change. Even if it is something that people may believe is too small to make an impact, something is better than nothing at all.

People need to start taking the issue more seriously before it is too late. Earth is our home and we need to start treating it as such.

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Steve Gregg

If there is climate change, then why is there no climate change? World temperature has remained flat for twenty years. The world has pumped a quarter more CO2 into the atmosphere in the last thirty years than before, yet the temperature did not budge. Why? If CO2 is the control knob on climate, shouldn’t we all be boiling now?

The truth is that climate change is a popular delusion promoted by ninnies who believe straws and bottles make the weather. Such ninnies have a grandiose notion of the power of the human race. I’ve flown around a great deal of the world and I can tell you that most of the world is empty. Most of the oceans are wildernesses where you would have to wait for centuries to catch sight of a passing ship. The cities look a lot like mold in a Petri dish from the air. We have no power over the Earth or its climate any more than we can change its orbit.

It’s impossible to take the climate change movement seriously when they have been predicting an imminent apocalypse for the last half century and all those predictions have failed to come true. And, really, the global warming doomsday cult is full of loons who you could not trust to babysit your cat. They are true believers searching for a cause to give themselves purpose.

So, relax, all is well. The sky is not falling. You will live to old age without a climate catastrophe and so will your great grandchildren and their great grandchildren ad infinitum.

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