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(10) comments

Steve Gregg

The ISU Daily has never prized diversity of opinion. It has been reflexively liberal for decades. Nor has it ever supported its liberal opinions with a logical train of reason. The loony lefty editors never think, they emote, they demagogue. They follow whatever dopey liberal fad is popular at the time. They have never been honest nor deliberate. They believe that America is a racist hateful place. They believe anyone who disagrees with them is a racist or Nazi, particularly anyone wearing a MAGA cap, which is no different than a klan hood to them. They favor socialism over capitalism. They believe white people are inherently evil. They are lefty sheep who unthinkingly support the liberal narrative no matter how foolish.

Stepan Zelenin

Mr. Gregg, you are quite obviously being disingenuous in your comment.

There isn't a widespread belief that "white people" are "evil", especially "inherently". Calling attention to white privilege is just that - pointing out a social, systematic dynamic. There isn't a widespread belief that disagreement with progressive views entails nazism, however, some of the conservative viewpoints are nazism-adjacent, to put it extremely lightly. A majority of people who choose to wear MAGA caps are racist, actually. Capitalism takes lives - we are on a university-related website, student loan debt is an extremely important issue for our fellow students.

Frankly, you are extremely misinformed at best and actively malicious at worst.

Jake Pierson

I think your response is exactly the kind of "lefty loony" talk Steve is referring too. They majority of people wearing MAGA hats are racist? Some conservative opinions are nazi-adjacent? All your doing is calling Trump supporters racists and conservative Nazis.....Just like Steve claims.

Steve Gregg

Jakey, Jakey, Jake,

This is too easy.

Steve Gregg


In fact, I am being honest.

Claiming that white people have unearned privilege is racist nonsense, a way of claiming that white people are inherently evil.

Conservative views are only Nazi-like to kids who are completely ignorant of Nazis. National Socialism was socialist, while conservatives are capitalist. Socialism is on the opposite end of the political spectrum than capitalism, which is to say, not adjacent at all, unless you are a clueless loony lefty.

Claiming people who wear MAGA hats are racist is a particularly foolish form of igorant political bigotry, the kind you find with lefties who live in a lefty cocoon and never interact with people with other ideas. You can’t believe liberal policies do real harm to real people. That’s why you are going to lose this election.

The ironic part of all this is that you, who thinks conservatives are Nazis and people who disagree with you are racist, are calling other people misinformed and malicious.

Even so, at least you had the guts to publicly air your views. You pitched me a big, slow softball, which I like. Thanks for playing.

Stepan Zelenin

The concept of white privilege does not claim that. In fact, this is a misrepresentation of the idea on your part. On the contrary, it simply states that people that happen to be white are not going to be experiencing additional hardship that is based on their race and race only. White privilege is not a property of white people, it is a property of the system we coexist in.

You should definitely look into what "intersectionality" is.

NSDAP was not, in fact, socialist. Their policies were not socialist. The "socialism" part was a way to boost their popularity during the time when socialism was, again, quite popular with the masses. It was a huge scam, in fact!

People who wear merchandise in support of a racist president are racist, that is not a hard concept to grasp, unless you're being dishonest, of course.

I don't think that people who disagree with me are racist. I prefer pineapple on my pizza, you're not racist if you don't. If you spread alt-right propaganda, however, I will call you out on that. Plain and simple.

This is not a game. For many people, this is a matter of life and death.

Jake Pierson

Hilarious, I haven't been called Jakey Jake in over 20 years.

Jake Pierson

Just to be clear is it the wearing of the MAGA hat that makes them racist or the support of Trump?

Steve Gregg


White privilege is racist nonsense. The claim that blacks experience hardship because of their race is nonsense. Caribbean blacks are just as black as American blacks yet succeed as well as whites in America. Nigerian blacks are blacker than American blacks yet they succeed even more than whites. You don’t succeed nor fail in America based on race, but rather on your behavior.

I’m well aware of what intersectionality is. It is the crazy claim that the more memberships in discriminated groups you have, the more discriminated against you are. If you are in enough discriminated groups, you win the intersectional Olympics. Like most liberal ideas, it is pathetically stupid.

What a wild and woolly claim to say National Socialism was not socialist. The National Socialists began as the German Worker’s Party, a splinter faction of the Communist Party. Their platforms were identical except for a few planks tweaked by the German Worker’s Party. Hitler, aping Mussolini’s Fascists, steered the party toward national socialism, as opposed to the international socialism of the Communists. Many socialists of the time were not interested in fomenting a worldwide Communist revolution. They only cared about their own country, so national socialism was more attractive. Hitler bragged that most of his recruits to National Socialism were Communists.

American liberals of the 1920s and 1930s loved the National Socialists and Fascists, seeing them as hard-charging socialists of the type they wanted in America. It was not until the war revealed all the mass murder the Nazis and Fascists perpetrated that they lost their appeal and liberals began rewriting history to paint Nazis and Fascists as conservative. There are plenty of liberals dumb enough to believe it. I mean, really, how stupid must you be to believe that National Socialists are not socialist, but conservative. If so, why do you think they did not call themselves National Capitalist?

You are being very aggressive with your political bigotry. Half of America is not racist, as you foolishly claim. Your problem is that you refuse to recognize the many reasons why ordinary normal people reject liberal ideas and look to Trump to save them from them. Yours is a dishonest and intellectually lazy pose.

I have no idea what the alt-right is. It sounds like another pejorative term invented by the Left that saves them the trouble of thinking.

This is not a matter of life and death. That’s histrionic demagoguery from a liberal drama queen.

Steve Gregg

Editor-In-Chief Annelise Wells, how many conservatives do you have on the Editorial Board? Is it the usual zero? If so, why?

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