Border detention centers

Within the last few weeks, the country has been shocked by reports detailing the inhumane conditions of the overcrowded Customs & Border Patrol (CPB) stations at our border. Overwhelmed by an influx of migrants crossing in search of asylum — which is a protected right — as well as illegally, these stations house adult migrants in “standing-room-only conditions for days or weeks” and children in conditions described by one doctor as akin to “torture facilities.” 

Regardless of your stance on illegal immigration, let it be clear that it is fully legal to seek asylum in the United States. Regardless of their parents’ choices, the children being brought across the border are completely innocent and have no control over their situation. What we are doing to them is unforgivable. Here’s what you can do to help. 

1. You can donate. Families are separated at the border because of the Trump administration’s zero-tolerance policy that treats illegal entry into America as a criminal case instead of a civil offense. While the adults are detained and awaiting trial or being deported, their children sit in brutal conditions in CBP detention camps. Many organizations provide legal service and pay for bonds to help reunite detained parents with their children. Such organizations include the ACLU, RAICES, Texas Civil Rights Project, Together Rising and the Florence Project. 

Of course, always do your research before donating to an organization or GoFundMe. Charity Navigator is a watchdog site that rates nonprofits and can give you a good indication how reliable and trustworthy an organization is..

2. Contact your representatives. Use this link to find your representatives and their contact information, and write to them with your concerns about what’s going on in Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and CBP detention centers across the country. This link provides a template to urge representatives to shut down ICE raids across the country. Remember, your representatives represent the will of their constituents, including you. Your voice has power. 

3. You can protest. Research protests going on in cities near you, such as "Close the Camps!" protests happening nationwide Tuesday and the Iowans Against Border Cruelty protest Wednesday. Spread the word about what we can all do to help protect innocent children and asylum-seekers. Use your privilege as a citizen to protect undocumented immigrants around you. The actions that ICE, CBP and the government of this country have taken against immigrants are monstrous and inhumane. No human is illegal. 

Warsan Shire put it best in his poem “Home” when he tells us: 

“You have to understand, 

No one puts their children in a boat 

Unless the water is safer than the land.” 

Let’s try for some compassion, America. 

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Steve Gregg

While seeking asylum is a protected right, most illegal aliens are lying about that. They are seeking a better life, as they freely tell reporters as they wait to cross the border. Of course, dimwit liberals, such as the loony lefty editors of the Daily, swallow this lie, in large part because they see such illegal aliens as undocumented Democratic voters who will vote for the big grab bag of freebies Democrats support. Despite the mad dog liberal screeching that anything they disagree with is racist and Nazi, ICE and the CBP are necessary to keep America from flooding with illegal aliens. Iowa is pretty far away from the southern border and Iowans don’t see the problems that come with the flood of illegal aliens. I’ve lived in Texas and Florida where you can see their effect close up. For example, illegal aliens steal everything that is not locked up. You can’t leave toys or bikes laying out in your yard. You can’t leave your garage door open. You must lock your door when you go out and even when you’re home. Some public parks are taken over by crowds of illegal aliens. Anglos who blunder into the nearby area, unawares, can be beaten up by gangs. The solution to the problem of illegal immigration is to help make countries south of the border into places people don’t want to leave. Right now, those countries are organized to fail, like all the former Spanish colonies. Most specifically, they need reform to allow the formation of legal small businesses, the little engines of a prosperous economy. As it is now, an honest, hard working guy can not make an honest living south of the border. The system is rigged against him by stupid and corrupt, inefficient and self-defeating governments.

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