Technological innovations occur so often now, we can scarcely keep up with them on our own. Thankfully, one of our friends will, at some point, likely post a YouTube video of something cool so we do not remain in the dark — albeit that video could still be a year after the tech was premiered.

Barack Obama was elected to a second term. Same-sex marriage was legalized in more states. But the vote that seems to maintain the highest amount of “hoorahs” and high fives was the legalization for recreational use of marijuana in Washington and Colorado.

After the dust settled from the presidential debates, and the whirlwind of the presidential race is finally at its peak, President Barack Obama's plans for the future of America seemed to be much the same in regard to the methods and pace for economic recovery and equality he has pushed the past four years. Well, the same except for one thing: He alluded to supporting the possibility of gun regulation.

Religious beliefs are a great thing, and if it makes you feel better about life, don't let anyone tell you differently. But recognize that what makes you happy isn't what makes others happy. As such, don't let religion define how you interpret issues when voting for president.

Like clockwork, the first round of lawsuits are now in the works concerning the Aurora shooting. The lawsuits were filed for Torrence Brown Jr., who was a member of the audience when James Holmes allegedly threw smoke canisters and open fired on the crowd during a late night showing of "The Dark Knight Rises."

With the U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing Obamacare to proceed, citizens across this fair nation have been both lamenting and celebrating its contents. The change of health care required for all is at the forefront of most folks minds, but what else was included?

Remember when Al Gore and the rest of the uber-environmentalists finally got the message out to the general masses that climate change would have a doomsday-like impact on the world? Remember when millions of people jumped on the green path because there was "proof" the world was in significant jeopardy in the near future?

Facebook stock went public recently, and it has been dropping since. In the weeks building up to the release, the value was being pushed and prodded and paraded around by those in the know to attempt to achieve top dollar as trading hit.

There has been a war going on regarding downloading material from the Internet. Who is to blame for what alleged crimes regarding copyrighted material, user privacy and other matters stemming from the sharing of information in the Internet is a conflict not likely soon to be resolved.

Coming out as who you feel you really are is an amazing thing. Self-actualization and embracing it is one of the greatest feelings on the planet. I remember the times my friends came out to me about their sexuality, and I even received a residual uplifting feeling because another person in this world felt comfortable in his or her own skin.

Isn’t it great when a celebrity makes a donation to a nonprofit organization that helps people? Well, Tucker Max, author of “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell” and other publications jam-packed with debaucherous tales, attempted to make a $500,000 donation to Planned Parenthood late in 2011. Max’s offer was rejected.

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