Paper airplane as a leader among another airplane , leadership, teamwork on blue sky background.

Paper airplane as a leader among other airplanes, leadership, teamwork on blue sky background.

Ladies, it is never too late to follow your dreams.

A woman from the UK who spent her 20s and 30s not wanting to show her figure to anyone was discovered in a grocery store roughly five years ago. She has now become a lingerie model due to the encouragement of her daughters. Within months from that day in the store, Nicola Griffin was in the Caribbean on her first shoot as a lingerie model.

Glam Mom states, “I was terribly insecure throughout my 30s and 40s but now I have no problems in doing a lingerie shoot, I am proud of who I am.”

It is a shame that women have been trapped in the image that society might not like who they are if they were to show them. Showing off oneself at the pool or in anything slightly revealing is quite a feat all women encounter.

However, this supermodel has found a way to overcome her prior fear. An article from Fox News states, “The former business woman says she works out every other day with weights and has a healthy diet, but that she thinks people relate to her because she has a 'normal' body. 'My confidence is now sky high and I have accepted my body for what it is,' she says."

I, for one, am proud of this model for not folding to the images society forces on women. Despite the fact she began her career after most others would, she is beautiful, healthy and, most importantly, proud. The modeling world did not dramatically change her diet or lifestyle choices.

As she is approaching her 60s, she has no plans of slowing down on her modeling career. She has been showing her stuff in the Caribbean, through Europe and around the US, shocking audiences as she takes the world by storm.

If this inspiring story is to teach us anything, it is that society does not define who we are or what we choose to do with our lives. Girls, you do not need to lose 100 pounds, be tall and have perfect hair and make up to be beautiful. Being yourself is the best way to show others your beauty.

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Steve Gregg

Girls, if you have one hundred pounds to lose, you should lose it. Trust me, everything in your life will get better once you do. Think of how you would complain if somebody made you carry around a back pack with a hundred pounds of cannon balls in it. It would grind you down. Most of your energy would be expended on carrying those useless cannon balls around. And most guys would dismiss you on sight.

Lose those hundred pounds and you will be reborn as a new woman full of energy with men following you everywhere you go and striking up conversations with you. And that’s what you want, isn’t it?

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