Members of the Iowa State community mourn Celia Barquín Arozamena during the candlelight vigil held in her honor Sept 19. the breaking point for many in attendance was the playing of her favorite songs as the candles were lit.

Two mass shootings took place over the weekend. One in Dayton, Ohio and the other in El Paso, Texas by a man who "wanted to stop Hispanic invasion into the U.S." Between both of these terrible acts, at least 31 people have been left dead. 

I found out about these shootings because most of Ames moved their flags to half staff to mourn those who were lost. I also found that President Donald Trump stated on Twitter, “...The flags at the White House will be lowered today through Thursday, August 8. Melania and I are praying for all those impacted by this unspeakable act of evil!”

A few moments later, I saw that Trump made a public comment  on Twitter stating, "Today’s shooting in El Paso, Texas, was not only tragic, it was an act of cowardice. I know that I stand with everyone in this Country to condemn today’s hateful act. There are no reasons or excuses that will ever justify killing innocent people....”

I, for one, appreciate the fact that Trump took the stance he did. Of course he wouldn’t state that he was pro-violence, and the issues here are so much deeper than just one statement, but considering he hasn’t had the best filter on Twitter, I think the way he reacted was good. 

Now, I could rant about how gun violence in the U.S. needs to improve, but those articles have been written and rewritten for years. Like Trump, I want to take a moment to mourn for all those innocent victims who were tragically taken from the Earth by evil people. There was absolutely no reason these people should have been taken, and there is absolutely no reason these evil people should have been in a position where they could do these terrible acts of evil.

For one, why did no one pick up on the fact that this person who perpetrated the shooting El Paso was obviously racist and had a special hatred towards Hispanic people? With enough hate toward the race to open fire on an area, he must have shown others his hatred over the years. Secondly, the shooter in Dayton, Connor Betts, told his ex-girlfriend he was extremely interested in mass shootings and that they bonded over their shared mental health issues, such as depression. 

If we lived in a perfect world, mental illnesses, gun violence and hatred would not exist. Sadly, we don’t. The best thing we can do in the imperfect world we live in is be aware of our surroundings and talk if something seems off. For example, if someone you know from high school has a list of people they imagine killing, eventually or now, tell someone. Hurting someone's feelings for a month over saving dozens of people is something I’d be willing to sacrifice. 

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Jake Pierson

Maybe pump the brakes a bit on that last paragraph Steve. I pretty much always agree with your opinion but that last comment is too much of a jab. Looney Left Editors- ok. Calling them out on racism - absolutely. Likening them to a mass murder – I don’t think so. I see your point on them holding similar views but so what? You yourselves said these mass murders come from broken families and are social misfits. You called them loners. I agree with all of that. I doubt that describes anybody on the Daily editorial board. Their problem isn’t that they are potential mass murders – it is their indoctrination, lack of experience, youth etc. What you said is just as offensive and when some like me is called a white supremist simply because some Klan member and I voted for the same guy.

I agree people are way too thin skinned these days. But sometimes something is just plain offensive. Liken someone like me to a mass murder and well….. Stand by to stand by if you know what I mean.

I await my tongue lashing………….

Steve Gregg

It may be that in my role here as Socratic gadfly I may employ hyperbole to hammer home a point. In this case, the loony lefty editors of the Daily are ignoring the registered Democrat, Elizabeth Warren supporting, socialist, Antifa mass murderer in Dayton. They also forget that a Bernie Sanders support tried to murder Republican congressmen playing baseball, yelling “THIS IS FOR HEALTH CARE” as he opened fire. And a number of Democratic candidates have expressed a desire to punch the president. The Democrats are violent people.

Jake Pierson

Oh wild they must have deleted your post Steve. How about deleting mine too. it looks kind of dumb just sitting there with no context......

Steve Gregg

They’ve been deleting my posts lately. Evidently, Megan can’t take criticism. This is what liberals do when you give them even a little power. They censor opposition.

Steve Gregg

Comment deleted.

Steve Gregg

What a pack of liberal lies, a fetid expression of the lefty political bigotry that lost you the last election.

The El Paso shooter was talking about killing people en masse in high school long before Trump was elected. Back then, he wanted to kill people for personal reasons. Now, he came up with political reasons. However, even at that, most of his rant is lifted from liberal rhetoric, which the dishonest liberal media, the Daily included, did not report, lying by omission. Even his hateful comments about Hispanics were part of a larger complaint against capitalist corporations hiring illegal aliens instead of US citizens. The liberal media clipped off the last part because it tied the racism to liberal rhetoric.

Trump is not ordering people to perpetrate mass shootings, you malicious dolt. That’s just nutty lefty hate talk. It’s worth noting that half of mass shootings are perpetrated by black men as part of turf wars between gangs or drug disputes or retaliating for disrespect. Iowa State experienced such a mass shooting when some black punks did a drive by in Campus Town a couple years ago. Those young black shooters are not Trump supporters. And, really, the mass shootings during Trump’s administration are no more his fault than the ones under Obama nor Clinton. Who the president is has nothing to do with it.

And, really, mass shootings are not becoming more common. Gun crime in general is on the decline since the 1990s. Obama had the qualifications for mass shootings reduced to dishonestly claim that more were happening. That false claim lingers in the rhetoric of low information liberals.

There is no white supremacy spreading around America except in fevered skulls of liberals. I’m a flaming conservative who has met a lot of flaming conservatives in my life. I’ve never met anyone who believes in white supremacy. We conservatives believe in middle class culture and the assimilation of legal immigrants into it, just like Asian immigrants have done so admirably. The loony lefty editors of the Daily, and liberals in general, fling such racist slander because they lack real arguments for their positions. It’s desperate lying by liberals who can’t come to grips with losing the presidential election. They simply can’t understand why normal Americans are not buying their crap.

Fox News is not spreading hate nor white supremacy. It’s a network that presents a conservative view, which liberals hate and condemn because they hate free speech. Rather than present a rational rebuttal against such conservative ideas, they screech their hate of it. And, really, the El Paso shooter’s screed was full of liberal rhetoric that he did not get from Fox News.

We would have the same mass shootings even if you outlawed assault weapons, confiscated all of them, and ground them up. Most mass shootings are done with handguns, which are more suited to the task. You can make just about any gun in a home machine shop. Soon, you’ll be able to make guns overnight by pouring some metal toner in a home 3D printer. Such stereolithography makes gun control futile.

The NRA does not force people to do anything. It represents millions of people, like me, who support the right to bear arms as a check on tyrannous government. It’s money is only a tiny single percent of that of unions and environmental lobbies which liberals favor. What the NRA represents is votes of the majority of people who want the Second Amendment conserved. This is how democracy works.

None of these shooters are members of the NRA. The NRA does not advocate gun homicide nor mass shootings. The NRA is mostly committed to teaching gun safety and making sure gun ranges are safe. It’s worth noting that guns save lives. There are two million gun defenses in the US every year, more than 90% of which involve no more than brandishing a weapon in a criminal’s face. If the citizens had no guns and one half of one percent of those confrontations escalated to homicide, that would double the gun homicide rate.

And the planet is not burning. Such are the wild claims of credulous and panicky liberal ninnies. Global warming is another liberal claim that is false from front to back, meant to dupe people into giving liberals trillions of bucks and unaccountable political power.

This editorial is so over the top and full of wild claims that normal people should roll their eyes and dismiss it.

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