At the beginning of last month, an outstanding collection of popular music entitled “Now That’s What I Call Music! Volume 49,” was released and quickly became quite popular. This is a perfect example of how people are recognizing the superiority of modern music over the music of the past.

The Olympic Games are again nearing the end, having brought together the best athletic competitors from around the world to compete against one another and make the rest of the world feel inadequate. As people everywhere avidly watch these athletes perform extraordinary feats that have never before been achieved, there is a common feeling being shared among fans of disappointment regarding their own lives and their failure to become such amazing competitors themselves.

Everyone enjoys a quality film, particularly if it incorporates a worthwhile lesson or two that can be applied to one’s own life. If movies often present incomplete portrayals of reality, should we be so eager to learn values from them? In general, probably not, although there is one exception: romantic comedies. I personally feel that romantic comedies, affectionately called “rom-coms,” present the purest life lessons in all of cinema, particularly regarding romantic relationships.

I want to express gratitude for the recent column published in the Daily explaining why articles such as this are written. I am certain this appreciation is shared by all individuals who were fortunate enough to have read it.

Iowa State recently participated in a basketball tournament involving teams from many colleges across the country. The goal of this tournament was to determine which basketball team is the best among NCAA colleges. Unfortunately, it was discovered that Iowa State was not the best. Eventually, our school’s team lost a game, which means they are now being called losers. Because this team represents our university, this means that our school also can be called a “losing school,” and as a st…

It is ridiculous many people seem to think we live in an amazing time in human history and the current rate technology is advancing is unbelievable. Nothing could be further from the truth. If anything, we are clearly not advancing fast enough. The future is still too far away.

Lately it has been ridiculously cold and generally unpleasant outside, and this is making it less fun to be here in Ames (which is not that fun to begin with). It is time for the administration of Iowa State to do something about this. It is just too damn cold, and this is unfair to both students and faculty of this university.

The start of the semester is a great time for us as students. Even though we have many assignments and projects, we still have time to get them done. We feel optimistic because our schedules are not yet full and we have yet to really screw up anything too bad.

We are nearing the end of another semester at Iowa State, and for many students this means devoting a large amount of time to finals. Being both ready for a break from classes and anxious about performing well on these last important tests is a time many students truly understand how stressful it actually is to be a college student. 

There is a very simple principle I use to guide what I do in life, and even though it is simple, it has unbelievably profound results. To put it simply: I don’t like to regret things. I don’t like to look back and think about how I might have missed out on something because I did not want to take a risk. It even bothers me when others feel this way. In fact, if there is one thing I wish I could teach every person I care about, it would be for them to welcome the feeling of insecurity, to…

A friend of mine has recently had many interviews with companies interested in hiring him after he completes his degree next year. When I asked him about the interviews, he told me that they were essentially the same questions each time, and he felt pretty confident that he could give a favorable answer when they were asked.

As students, we are lucky enough to have great opportunities in our future. It takes hard work and a few years to earn these opportunities, but to even have that chance is a gift. We have an obligation to respect what we have been given, and because of this we should want to do things that benefit others rather than primarily ourselves. Luckily, Iowa State has many resources to donate time or money to a good cause.

Bill Nye gave a very profound presentation recently with many interesting stories, ideas and advice on how we all can "change the world." One idea that I find significant for us, as students in particular, is the availability of online free education resources, which an audience member brought up by asking Nye his thoughts on their importance.

Not long ago I was advised on more than one occasion by a number of different professionals that one of the best things I can do while still in college was to look into joining a fraternity. After spending some time researching this, I found it to make more and more sense. Students in fraternities and sororities have a higher academic retention rate and a better GPA. Outside of college, they make up 42 percent of Congress, half of the top 10 Fortune 500 CEOs, and almost every president s…

Like most people I enjoy food but do not equally enjoy the effort involved in its preparation. Restaurants help a lot with this problem. I love eating out, especially on a date. But something that bothers me is the order in which this is done. Specifically, why does dessert come last?

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