Every single student who started at Iowa State as a freshman has experienced horrifying lectures that review every single thing you've been taught in high school. Though I don't have firsthand knowledge in every major, I'm sure most majors have courses of the like.

What is your cumulative GPA? For the average student, if the true idea of "average" holds, it would be about a 2.0. See, there's a problem in that statement. Average at school is no longer average. The "average" grade, if we had one now, would be a B, at minimum. In fact, in 2008, nearly 43 percent of grades given in American universities were A's. About 35 percent were B's. That means that around 78 percent of grades given were rated as some order of "above average."

As classes begin this semester, many of you will have at least one online course. Who is to blame you? They're convenient, particularly if you have a difficult schedule or are from out of town, and they can allow you to take two courses that normally would occupy the same time block.

It's the beginning of Finals Week. These exams, which comprise a disproportionate amount of our grade, also carry a large impact on our GPA. Depending on what you want to do in your life, your GPA may matter more or less than a student in another major. If you want to get into law school, med school or grad school, it needs to be on the up and up.

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