Two mass shootings took place over the weekend. One in Dayton, Ohio and the other in El Paso, Texas by a man who "wanted to stop Hispanic invasion into the U.S." Between both of these terrible acts, at least 31 people have been left dead. 

As school creeps up all too soon and we all start to move into dorms and mentally prepare for the very long semester ahead, there is one thing that will help everything move along quicker. Being secure about who you are will help with test confidence, peer confidence and so much more. While you will change during your time at Iowa State, remember to do things for you, not for others.

This Saturday I will be approaching the Gettysburg battlefield and preparing to visit for a couple days. Following Gettysburg, I will continue to West Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C. and Virginia to view other battlefields and historical sites in this region — a region that serves as our country’s cradle of history. While viewing these places, you cannot help but wonder at how we have moved and grown as a country — figuratively and literally — so much since 1776. The people of the Am…

Last week President Donald Trump became immersed in controversy against freshman House of Representative members Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar, after he criticized the four members in a long tweet. 

Political correctness. Reviled by the conservative right, flung as an insult by the current president; these days to be “politically correct” is to be weak, to succumb to the demands of a too easily offended society. When headlines like this one go viral on Twitter, it’s hard not to agree; does anyone really care whether a manhole is gender-specific or not? 

The digital world has so far defined the 21st century with the obvious advent of mobile phones and their limitless influence on peoples’ day-to-day lives.

Throughout many of my summers, there is one phrase in particular that I always hear from others. In fact, there are times when I catch myself having this particular thought when deciding what new adventure to go on while staying close to home. That phrase being: “There’s nothing to do here in Iowa.”

A dog was found by a member of PAWS last week in Hawaii from a tip from someone who was concerned about the situation. A Fox News article states, “PAWS of Hawaii said on Facebook the dog, named Leialoha, was discovered July 9 on a beach on the island of Oahu 'incredibly swollen, sunburned and missing 90 percent of her fur.'"

When I was a little girl, I knew exactly what a princess looked like. She looked like me. Maybe I didn’t have Cinderella’s blonde hair and blue eyes, but I had dark eyes like Belle. I had Merida’s curly hair. And I certainly had one of Snow White’s infamous traits: skin, white as snow. (Funny, that trait seems to be shared among a lot of the Disney princesses!) 

Individuals who are black, and indeed individuals of any minority status, possess a tremendous amount of agency to engage in the world around them and ultimately make a good life. Of course, across racial lines, not every person will succeed and not every person will fail; most people will fall somewhere in between. Individual choices any one person will make over the course of their life will have much to do with the outcome of their situation. In 2019, the United States is freer and mo…

There were many story lines that were derived from the first Democratic debate. Many not-so-familiar faces were able to grab their sliver of the limelight, but one key figure was missing in the debates. Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana was a notable omission from the debate. He was unable to obtain the qualifications for the debate stage as he was finishing up his legislative session.

As the campaigning season for the presidential race of 2020 has accelerated during the last few months, the idea of reparations for black slavery has been tossed around by Democratic candidates and has, for a longer time, been a goal of different segments of activists groups across the country.

Within the last few weeks, the country has been shocked by reports detailing the inhumane conditions of the overcrowded Customs & Border Patrol (CPB) stations at our border. Overwhelmed by an influx of migrants crossing in search of asylum — which is a protected right — as well as illegally, these stations house adult migrants in “standing-room-only conditions for days or weeks” and children in conditions described by one doctor as akin to “torture facilities.” 

We live in a nation where it is blatantly obvious that when you are a middle class, straight and white man there are a lot of privileges and advantages that you possess. It is also fairly clear that in the new Democratic Party, which is being flushed with a new Progressive movement, as is indicated in the nominees for President, that diversity and youth in our elected officials is reaching new and amazing heights.

After writing several letters to the editor, I am extremely happy to join the Iowa State Daily as a columnist. In my letter to the editor last week, I noted that I have been reticent concerning my explicit political beliefs, but that I am mostly in the center. As a columnist, I do think it would behoove me to allow the reader to understand the angle that I come from.

It’s Memorial Day weekend, and in one of the many apartment complexes in Ames, a man is making his way down the four flights of stairs to his car. A woman is following him, carrying his wheelchair. I am that woman and the man is my partner, a paraplegic forced to maneuver the stairways of our apartment complex because the elevator is out of order for the third time in six months.

Over the past few years, the average errands trip has become much more colorful during the month of June. The aisles of Target are bedecked in rainbows of t-shirts, rompers, hats and other accessories bearing slogans like “love is love,” “equality wins” and “out and proud.” With more companies producing pride merchandise, it provides a multitude of great opportunities for dialogue, representation and visibility.

Early Tuesday morning, the police of Queens, New York got a disturbing call. CNN states, “Authorities rushed to Crocheron Park in the Bayside neighborhood of Queens just before 8 a.m. after a woman out for a run reported seeing a "baby" lying face-down in the grass...Police initially reported the child was about three months old and had been pronounced dead at the scene due to an undetermined cause.”

“Hey girl! You are SO gorgeous and talented, I love your feed! I think you would be the perfect addition to my team and could benefit so much from this company! DM me back and let’s chat…” So begins the latest Instagram direct message (DM) from a girl I’ve never met before.

When I was a child, my parents took me and my siblings to the circus. It was so exciting to watch trapeze artists swing high above the crowd and motorcyclists ride in gravity-defying loops, but my favorite part was always the animals — lions jumping through hoops, dogs performing tricks and, of course, the elephants. One year, I actually got to ride an elephant, in the little fair area surrounding the giant colorful tent. I climbed up a staircase, clambered onto the elephant’s back and r…

During the school year, one might get carried away with the long list of to-do’s that never seem to end. You finish one assignment, and just when you think you can breathe easy and relax, the realization of other upcoming deadlines sets in.

Remember the days in elementary school where you'd walk to the cafeteria ready to eat? After being directed through an unbearably-long line with your fellow classmates, you'd victoriously come out with warm food. It was a magical time during the school day.

Today marks the final Iowa State Daily that I will help produce. Like many seniors, I’m counting down the days until graduation and taking my last finals with an eagerness, knowing I’ll never have to fill out a scantron again; and nostalgia, knowing that I’d like to stay in the moment just a little bit longer.

After the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why came out a few years back, there has been concern that teenagers would watch the show and feel as though suicide is a realistic option to solve their problems. However, since the opening of this show, teenagers have felt as though suicide is more acceptable and glorified than it is.

Using the phrase “around the world” is a very broad perspective. It cast your vision globally and does not allow for a more personal viewpoint. When I think of world suffering, I think of poverty, hunger, sex trafficking, abusive power, etc. Rarely do I think of those things on a scale as small as Ames. 

“Alternative” or “quack” medicine, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the classic traveling salesman selling snake oil out of a cart, has been making a comeback. With the internet now a factor, the ability to spread and create false information has become infinitely easier.

It’s a modern world. Things are a lot more equal than they used to be in terms of gender and sex equality. Women can wear pants, and men hopefully no longer subscribe to the idea that women can’t ride trains because “women’s bodies are not made to go over 50 miles an hour,” and therefore their uteruses will fall out. Women can go to college, and men most likely no longer believe that women shouldn’t ride bicycles because it will give them a permanent nasty scowl and depression. Women can…

Art has always been a way for people to express thoughts bigger than they can explain with words. Some people get their inspiration for art through music and some through drawing, but sometimes the best ideas come from classroom doodles or things that you do. Last week I covered the International Student Council’s (ISC) events held earlier this month to spread awareness and shed light on all of the cultures at Iowa State. While attending these events I met many amazing people who were wi…

Amid voting seasons at Iowa State, chalk becomes a weapon for politically active students wishing to spread their message to all who walk along the sidewalks. This is great to see among students because it means they care about who represents them, and they want to make their voice heard.

Now that measles have hit Iowa for the first time since 2011, it is not the time to prevent your kids from getting the protection they need. There also is 550 known cases in the US between the months of January and April.

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