Girls like boys. To each her own Prince Charming - the drummer with the perfect double bass, the amazing basketball player or the silent sensitive poet. Being a girl with boys at every turn, there are things that we learn. Boys are just bodies made of single-minded craziness.

Undoubtedly you've noticed the social scene lately. What was once alive and vibrant with testosterone-driven men is now totally estrogen-oriented. We have two things to thank for this, girls - Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii.

Boys are perfectly happy to put social lives on hold for a few hours of male bonding. They'll sit in line overnight in the freezing cold to spend hundreds of dollars on a system that will be out of date in a matter of months or years.

Boys have become so obsessed with these systems that girls are usually put on the back burner - which isn't unheard of considering we spend hours waiting for men to get to the next level anyway.

A friend of mine recently professed his love for the Wii to me. "If the disk drive was a little bigger, I'd have sex with it." If the systems could reproduce little male-gaming system children, I think we'd be out of jobs. We're on the verge of replacement, but it doesn't just stop at an obsession with video games.

At times it seems as if men run on a one-track mind. Unless it involves a remote or certain aspects of the female anatomy, they aren't interested. If you walk into a man's apartment there is a good chance there'll be a Hawaiian Tropic girl hanging on the wall, a Maxim on the coffee table next to the Wii controller and the television tuned to ESPN.

There is a resounding response from women about the lack of consideration men give them. It's the age-old tale - men lack a sense of time and tend to forget the fact that they waste ours. Not to portray the role of the woman scorned or do some male bashing, but boys ,we have no idea what to do with you!

Yes it's true, we girls spend hours in the bathroom - but only to look nice when we see you. If girls can spend hours waiting for the big game to be over or for you to finish a level, boys can wait a few extra minutes for us to perfect the nonchalant look.

There is also the issue of extreme immaturity. When we were younger, flatulence was funny. Burps and farts - it all warranted a little giggle, but now we are adults. Obnoxious bodily noises ignites embarrassment on those who produce them, but somehow you boys still feel the need to mock or reciprocate the noises. Girls understand flatulance is a part of life, but do it while you're bonding over the afore-mentioned obsessions. Belching contests are great - girls do it too - but it is not something the genders should enjoy together.

I know men are thinking that girls are just as crazy, but really we are simple creatures. All we want is a few pretty words, a few pretty presents and a few good men.

We discuss the best way to distract you from your obsession with games. Really we'll talk about anything that pertains to men.

You'll see us girls at Peoples watching the good-looking lead singers. We'll be checking out some behinds at the football games - although we are there for boys, it's not always where you're going to get your dream girl. Buying a girl a drink does not ensure a phone number, and telling her that she is the prettiest girl in the room doesn't always mean that you've sealed the deal.

We grew up knowing girls were made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Boys are apparently made of snakes and snails and puppy dog tails - I wonder which one of those possesses the crazy part.

Emily Garringer is a junior in marketing from Williamsburg.

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