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The senseless violence perpetrated on Thursday in Annapolis, Maryland, highlights the adversarial point of view some have taken in relation to the press. The attacker had a personal vendetta and believed the newspaper existed to damage his life.

Make no mistake: Journalism exists as a public service.

Whether it is the Obama administration spying on the Associated Press and infringing on the First Amendment rights of Fox News’ James Rosen or the Trump administration referring to journalists as “enemies of the American people,” these attacks on the press are wrong.

If you care for the U.S. Constitution, if you care for democracy, if you care for an informed public, stand with journalists. We don’t expect undying allegiance or an uncritical acceptance of all we publish, but we ask for your support and understanding of the purpose we serve.

Journalists have exposed corruption from school boards to the Oval Office. Journalists have brought you details of events from the other side of town to the other side of the Earth. Journalists have told stories of triumph in the highest offices to the humblest of settings.

Journalists have also coached your children’s soccer teams. Journalists have helped you with your homework. Journalists have held the door for you at your place of worship. Journalists are your neighbors. Journalists are your classmates. Journalists are your friends.

Journalists are people — people who serve an important purpose in a democracy.

Journalists work extensive hours for little pay — and often less recognition. Journalists who complain will often leave for a corporate job, where importance is based on pay, rather than essential information provided to the public.

Those who stay in journalism do so because they believe deeply in their profession and their communities. The person getting paid $30,000 a year to cover high school athletics and deliver newspaper clippings for your wall or stories to send to distant relatives could work somewhere else and make more money. But no one becomes a journalist for the pay.

People become journalists because they believe members of their community deserve the information they’re working to provide. Journalists need the communities they serve, and the communities they serve need them.

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Lee Van Brocklin

News media needs to do a much better job of separating news from opinion. Much of what gets described as news bias is really opinion, but who can tell the difference? Perhaps that is intentional. I read and listen every day to the subtle bias in reporting, both ends of the spectrum. From NPR to the Washington Times, to the ISU Daily. Its there. It has been said, "the first casualty in war is the truth.", and when journalists pick a side, truth becomes stranger.

Steve Gregg

America needs journalists, but we’re not getting them. Instead, the liberal media gives us propagandists posing as journalists, serving the public a mediocre product tainted by ignorant liberal bias. News shows don’t report the news but are rather infomercials for Democratic talking points, if not socialism served raw. Reporters don’t see themselves as reporters, but as activists promoting leftist causes.

It’s particularly obvious in the Daily, where the editors support every stupid lefty cause and fad that comes along. When Obama want to destroy junker cars by injecting chemicals into their engines, the Daily was all for it, not thinking that it would make those remaining junker cars they drive to class very expensive for no benefit at all. The Daily eagerly supported Occupy Wall Street, a celebration of anarchy whose rat-infested camps were centers of rape and murder and whose organizers were arrested for bomb plots across the nation.

The most egregious practice of advocacy by the activists who pose as journalists at the Daily is that nearly every headline is a command to their readers to do something, rather than a straight statement of fact, leaving the readers to make up their own minds. And, of course, the lefty editors shave the facts to those which support their goals.

If you care for the U.S. Constitution, if you care for democracy, if you care for an informed public, you should stand against the activists who pose as journalists, who are as crooked as used car dealers trying to sell you a socialism that doesn’t work.

For example, a “reporter” reported that a MAGA hat found in the office of the Annapolis paper where a gunman killed and wounded many people belonged to the shooter. In fact, it belonged to one of the victims. That reveals the dishonesty of “journalists” everywhere who want to put the MAGA hat on every crime, criminal, and tragedy.

Likewise, crooked journalists want to blame every school shooting on the NRA, which teaches gun safety, not mass murder. It’s unhinged, like blaming every fatal school bus crash on the AAA. “Journalists” aren’t interested in reporting the news but in passing the blame for every bad thing to people and organizations they regard as their political enemies, no matter how far they have to stretch the logic.

Lefty “journalists” are far more interested in covering up inconvenient truths than laying all the facts out on the table and letting their readers make their own conclusions. For example, they are eager to endlessly cover George Zimmerman shooting a black punk who jumped him in the dark and paint him as a racist for defending himself. However, this last week a black punk shot up a bunch of black folks at a festival in New Jersey and that story died immediately. It did not fit the liberal narrative.

Lefty “journalists” refuse to cover black on black gun murders, the most common murders in America, because they don’t fit the politically correct narrative. Likewise, they reuse to cover the rash of black flash mobs breaking out over America in parks, shopping malls, Spring Break, and zoos. They lie by omission.

And, of course, the liberal media refused to report Bill Clinton’s rape of Juanita Broderick until he was clear of his impeachment hearing. It’s perfectly OK with lefty reporters to rape and womanize if you’re liberal.

The bottom line is that journalism is an unprofessional business that maintains low standards. Journalists get paid little because their product is substandard, adulterated by their ignorant bias. They don’t know anything so they print their prejudices as fact. They live in a liberal bubble where no contrary opinion is seriously considered. Consequently, they believe some seriously stupid stuff, like Nazis were conservative, no WMD’s were found in Iraq, Trump voters are racist, women never lie about rape, America hosts a rape culture, and that fascism is about to descend on America.

Journalists and the liberal media do not deserve our support until they reform themselves and their industry to report the truth whether it serves their politics or not.

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