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As we enter this new legislative session, it is crucial that the legislature places priority on Iowa’s future.

Iowa has been faced with fiscal hardship for the past few years. Our state budget has not performed to estimated revenue standards, and cuts had to be made. Unfortunately, these cuts have recently fallen upon our state’s students. Although UNI received a considerably smaller cut than the other regent universities, it is our hope that the legislature places greater priority on higher education this session.

It is the goal of this administration to stress that education cannot continue to take such a burden of the budget cuts in the state, and these cuts cannot become the new norm. Education is an investment, and our administration wants to see that investment come to fruition in the state.

Our administration is urging Iowa’s lawmakers to work to reform taxes and bring more revenue into the state. We are also urging that should cuts need to be made, legislators recognize the necessity of the investment in higher education. We cannot, as a university, continue to take these blows to our budget while retaining the high standard this institution holds itself to.

Iowa has a long and proud history of being an affordable place to receive a high-quality education. On behalf of students and those seeking a brighter future in the state, we will advocate for this history to continue to be a reality.

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lane weaver

I think that prioritizing higher education can solve many and it will be good in the end. It will be something that we all are looking for and will be great.

Summer Tyler

A very important issue in our time, the author raised a very sharp question. It's bad when the budget cuts and it affects the education. I work on various research projects that will help in education. And I am not very pleased when education loses investment.

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