Early Tuesday morning, the police of Queens, New York got a disturbing call. CNN states, “Authorities rushed to Crocheron Park in the Bayside neighborhood of Queens just before 8 a.m. after a woman out for a run reported seeing a "baby" lying face-down in the grass...Police initially reported the child was about three months old and had been pronounced dead at the scene due to an undetermined cause.”

Progressive and intersectional political activism has a certain way of assuming an irritating moral superiority complex on any given issue, while simultaneously elevating minority group social and political opinion as indisputably factual and thus fundamentally correct.  Moreover, that same political and intersectional activism tends to dismiss disagreements others may have with that progressive worldview.  What is worse, that dissenting worldview is often declared bigoted or heretical. …

Recently, the executive vice president of the Siouxland Chamber of Commerce and I attended the Iowa Association of Business and Industry (ABI) Annual Conference in Ames. The state-wide event was superb, with speeches from Governor Kim Reynolds and Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg, as well as a keynote presentation from former presidential speech writer Peggy Noonan. While the exceptional content of the conference should be my primary focus, it was the Ames community and Iowa State Universi…

“Hey girl! You are SO gorgeous and talented, I love your feed! I think you would be the perfect addition to my team and could benefit so much from this company! DM me back and let’s chat…” So begins the latest Instagram direct message (DM) from a girl I’ve never met before.

The Pew Research Center released a new study Wednesday, in which half of people surveyed listed “made-up news/info” as a top problem in the United States, ranking above climate change, racism and illegal immigration, among other issues.

When I was a child, my parents took me and my siblings to the circus. It was so exciting to watch trapeze artists swing high above the crowd and motorcyclists ride in gravity-defying loops, but my favorite part was always the animals — lions jumping through hoops, dogs performing tricks and, of course, the elephants. One year, I actually got to ride an elephant, in the little fair area surrounding the giant colorful tent. I climbed up a staircase, clambered onto the elephant’s back and r…

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Food & Water Watch and Public Justice have filed a lawsuit against the State of Iowa, because we have waited long enough for clean water in Iowa.  Voluntary measures and the outdated Master Matrix for factory farm permitting are pipe dreams based on the hope that the factory farm industry will "do the right thing," except that we know better.

During the school year, one might get carried away with the long list of to-do’s that never seem to end. You finish one assignment, and just when you think you can breathe easy and relax, the realization of other upcoming deadlines sets in.

Remember the days in elementary school where you'd walk to the cafeteria ready to eat? After being directed through an unbearably-long line with your fellow classmates, you'd victoriously come out with warm food. It was a magical time during the school day.

Recently I was thinking about the rather incredible amount of snowfall we had this winter followed by the destructive flooding that left so much of the farmable land in parts of the state devastated, and it made me realize that Iowa will be, for better or for worse, on the frontline in the war against climate change.

To begin with, I’m not sure how many of you will read this, as you should be studying for finals. Yes I’m talking to you. If that doesn’t deter you, I want to talk about tuition/fees at ISU.

Recently, there has been much discussion in the Daily about issues related to higher education, particularly student loans and government funding of higher education. Recent editorials have outlined Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposed student loan forgiveness plan and have urged the Iowa legislature to approve the full amount of funding requested by the board of regents, in both cases urging students to make these educational issues one of their voting priorities.

President [Wendy] Wintersteen just announced the planned tuition hikes for the 2019-20 academic school year. I have seen so many articles recently that are bashing the Board of Regents for continuing to cut funding to universities but no one has taken a step back to look at the bigger picture. While having state funds cut by the Board of Regents is troubling, it is not the main driver of tuition hikes.

Today marks the final Iowa State Daily that I will help produce. Like many seniors, I’m counting down the days until graduation and taking my last finals with an eagerness, knowing I’ll never have to fill out a scantron again; and nostalgia, knowing that I’d like to stay in the moment just a little bit longer.

After the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why came out a few years back, there has been concern that teenagers would watch the show and feel as though suicide is a realistic option to solve their problems. However, since the opening of this show, teenagers have felt as though suicide is more acceptable and glorified than it is.

After a long and most likely difficult year of classes, students all around the country will start to go on summer break this month. Some may spend summer taking classes on campus or online, some may spend it vacationing around the globe, some may spend it working at a job or internship or some may spend it doing nothing at all.

Using the phrase “around the world” is a very broad perspective. It cast your vision globally and does not allow for a more personal viewpoint. When I think of world suffering, I think of poverty, hunger, sex trafficking, abusive power, etc. Rarely do I think of those things on a scale as small as Ames. 

“Alternative” or “quack” medicine, the likes of which hasn't been seen since the classic traveling salesman selling snake oil out of a cart, has been making a comeback. With the internet now a factor, the ability to spread and create false information has become infinitely easier.

It’s a modern world. Things are a lot more equal than they used to be in terms of gender and sex equality. Women can wear pants, and men hopefully no longer subscribe to the idea that women can’t ride trains because “women’s bodies are not made to go over 50 miles an hour,” and therefore their uteruses will fall out. Women can go to college, and men most likely no longer believe that women shouldn’t ride bicycles because it will give them a permanent nasty scowl and depression. Women can…

It is suggested that by 2025 there will be 10 million English language learners (ELL), but ELL students are continually underperforming on standardized tests and are being left behind. Equitable education is the law in the United States and that doesn’t mean equal education, it means education that allows opportunities for all students to succeed. In order to provide equitable education, schools must provide digital equity, or the access to digital tools, resources and services to increa…

Art has always been a way for people to express thoughts bigger than they can explain with words. Some people get their inspiration for art through music and some through drawing, but sometimes the best ideas come from classroom doodles or things that you do. Last week I covered the International Student Council’s (ISC) events held earlier this month to spread awareness and shed light on all of the cultures at Iowa State. While attending these events I met many amazing people who were wi…

Devastating flooding in many areas of Iowa is causing widespread pollution from industrial agriculture and adds to our long-term problem with water quality. We have over 750 waterways polluted with nitrates and phosphorus and subject to cyanobacteria blooms. Toxic blue-green algae thrive on the Phosphorus and Nitrate fertilizer run-off. As a result, Iowa is a major contributor to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, has many state beach closings and water supplies with dangerously high N…

We often hear that the supporters of the pro-life movement are just a bunch of misogynistic idiots who are in denial of basic biology. This idea, however, could not be further from the truth. 

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