All-Ages Drag Show

Performer Lonika LaBelle lipsanc and danced to "Let It Go" from the movie Frozen at the All-Ages Drag Show on April 6th. 

All-Ages Drag Show

Performer Jaymee Sexton danced and lip synced to "Disco Mix" during the All-Ages Drag show on April 6 at the Ames Public Library. The performer had three different outfits during their performance and interacted with the crowd.

Screams and cheers were heard a block away from the Ames Public Library on Saturday because of the All-Ages Drag Show. This was the fourth time the Ames Public Library has hosted this biannual event.

The Governess, also known as Mara Spooner, was the hostess for the drag show with over 240 attendees from all age groups.

“Cheer for the things you like and cheer for the things you don’t like, these performers are vulnerable on this stage and need all of our support,” Spooner said.

Jacob Sanchez

The show started with Jacob Sanchez performing “Ready for Your Love” by Gorgon City. Sanchez took control of the stage in bedazzled pants and glittery silver shoes. There were many high kicks and a dramatic back bend during Sanchez’s performance.

Lonika LaBelle

Lonika LaBelle, a young drag performer from the Marshalltown area and a graduate from the Ames Public Library’s Camp Drag, lipsynced to “Let it Go” by Idina Menzel while wearing an Elsa costume with silvery blonde wig included.

In her second performance, LaBelle came onto the stage in a sparkly red outfit with a black tassel skirt to perform “Whenever, Wherever” by Shakira. With plenty of energy, LaBelle rocked the stage with a somersault, two splits and a cartwheel down the aisle before ending her performance with death drop.


Christiana performed “And I’m Telling You” by Jennifer Hudson in white ripped jeans, a black top and a green jacket. She wowed the crowd with a cartwheel before ending her performance by throwing her tips into the air to have them rain down over her.

Macie Maize

Macie Maize performed “Naturally” by Selena Gomez in a black and white checkered dress and black heels. Maize catered to her audience and took the time to personally accept tips from the young children who offered them to her. She ended her performance with by blowing a kiss to the audience.

Smokey Moon

Smokey Moon, a performer from Ames Middle School and a graduate from the Ames Public Library’s Camp Drag, lipsynced to “Here Comes a Thought” by Estelle & AJ Michalka while wearing a Steven Universe costume that included a cropped red top with a gold star on it and a gem tattoo on her stomach. Moon lost her wig but threw it to the audience and kept owning the stage and showed her natural hair.

Cadaverina Von Corpse

Cadaverina Von Corpse performed “Miracles” by CHVRCHES in a purple wig, black dress and a black jacket. Toward the end of her performance, Von Corpse shed her jacket and pulled ribbons from her belt and finished out the performance with some amazing ribbon twirling.

Jaymee Sexton

Jaymee Sexton performed to a disco mix while wearing an afro and poofy blue outfit. Sexton proceeded to strip to a black outfit and then into a sparkly tassel outfit with plenty of twirls, splits, high kicks and cartwheels mixed in.

Spooner came back on stage to thank all in attendance and the performers before ending with “Love always wins here in Ames.”

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