Finalist Sigma Kappa preformed their skit titled Picture Perfect Wednesday night for Yell like Hell second cuts on Central Campus.

If you heard loud chanting on campus Wednesday, don’t fear. It wasn’t the frustration of students trying to recuperate from mid-terms and lack of sleep, it was the performances from the sorority and fraternity community competing in Yell Like Hell.

Yell Like Hell is an event where students from the greek community cover themselves in house paint and perform a skit or chant in front of a large crowd and judges on central campus.

Groups of sorority and fraternity get paired up and spend weeks perfecting their routine together. The winning routine has the best incorporations of school spirit, colors and the homecoming theme.

“For me personally, I had a lot of fun meeting the guys in the fraternities that we were paired with. It was a good way to branch out and meet new people," said Rebecca Barrick, freshman in pre-business.

This year, the homecoming theme "This Is State" left the groups with a lot to determine for their performances. The skit typically concludes with Iowa State’s fight song.

“I danced at a studio my whole life, and then I was on drill team all throughout high school, and this feels like drill team to me so I really liked it," Barrick said.

"Picture Perfect," "Road Trip to State," and "Bill Cy the Science Guy," were just a few the of skits performed Wednesday night. The skit usually explains homecoming traditions and groups have a variety to choose from.

The campanile, the zodiac, cardinal and gold, Lake Laverne and many other Iowa State traditions are acted out on stage before the judges choose their favorite groups to move on.

“At first it wasn’t really something I figured I’d enjoy, but after practicing a few times it got to be really interesting and fun, and I ended up getting the main lead," said Devan Mann, junior in agronomy.

Despite being a junior, this is Mann's first year in a sorority and competing in Yell Like Hell.

“It’s something you can get a group of kids together from a lot of different backgrounds and learn how to work together with other people you might not be familiar with, so it’s good team-bonding," Mann said. "Even though it seems a little quirky, and funny at times, it really helps you work with other people, because that’s what you’re going to do in future businesses."

After the first cuts last weekend, eight teams moved on to second cuts. After second cuts, the top three will move on to final cuts, which will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. Friday at the ISU Alumni Center.

The three teams moving on to final cuts are Delta Zeta with "‘Three Cy’s and You’re Out," Pi Beta Phi with "Bill Cy the Science Guy," and Sigma Kappa's "Picture Perfect."

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