Emotions are running high among The Fashion Show producers, directors, advisers and committee members now that The Fashion Show 2019 has concluded.

The Fashion Show 2019 took Stephens Auditorium ‘coast to coast’ on Saturday. Over 130 student garments by over 75 student designers were showcased on the runway or in the viewing gallery for the show's 37th year.

“I still feel like I am in go, go, go mode for the show,” said Sarah Bennett-George, faculty adviser to the show and senior lecturer in apparel, events and hospitality management. “Overall, I am really happy with how Saturday went.”

She said the show seemed to have one of the biggest audiences it has had in several years.

With 15 committees and many ways to get involved, there are over 150 students from all majors involved in the show each year. Directors and committee members had been working on the show since fall semester, but the four producers had been working on this year's show since the spring of 2018.

Paige Disch, public relations co-director for the show and senior in apparel, merchandising and design, said it feels surreal that the show is over.

“It’s so crazy to me because we spend so much time working on it and it feels like it’s never going to get there,” Disch said. “You feel like someone needs to pinch you that it’s really happening.”

Disch also said she was proud of how the elements came together to create a cohesive show.

“The innovation and creativity and cohesiveness was at a new level than it ever has been before," Disch said.

Over 50 models walked the runway on Saturday night to showcase the student-designed pieces and collections.

Caleigh Corbett, co-director of the modeling committee and senior in industrial design, said no model missed a cue and everything backstage ran flawlessly.

“Saturday night I was filled with so many emotions,” Corbett said. “All your hard work is built up to two and a half hours.”

One of the highlights of The Fashion Show 2019 was model Morgan Tweed. Tweed, a graduate student in architecture at Iowa State, uses a wheelchair. He modeled a piece from student designed collection "The Architect" by Kamber Elyse, Hailey Vollbrecht and Abigail Goeser, all seniors in apparel, merchandising, and design.

“It was cool that we were able to include him and gave the show dynamic,” Corbett said.

The annual Fashion Show is really a year-round production. Applications for next year's show's producers were sent out Tuesday morning. The producers for The Fashion Show 2020 will be announced at the exhibit of winning design entries opening May 1 at the Mary Alice Gallery in Morrill Hall.

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