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A scene from Ames Farmer's Market on Main Street Saturday Morning, Oct 6.

As new students enter the doors of their residence halls, they may not be familiar with the Ames community or campus at all. Here are some places community members around the city would recommend visiting.

Outside campus 

Ames resident Abbie Chinns said there are a lot of events in Downtown Ames, and she recommends students visit the North Grand Mall and the Downtown Ames Farmers' Market. 

"From a community standpoint, I'd really hype the Farmers' Market," Chinns said.

The market features vendors selling goods ranging from produce to pastries, as well as products from local businesses. The event also features live music and food trucks. 

Chinns said she also recommends the movie theater at North Grand Mall. 

The North Grand Mall closed down its movie theater, North Grand Cinema, in 2014 and then re-opened in December 2017, completely renovated with new seats and lounging areas. The theater has Tuesday deals with 2D $5 tickets and 3D $6.50 tickets. 

For those who are looking for an outdoor area, some recommend Roosevelt Park. Tianxian Xu, an Ames resident, said she enjoys going to the park because of the memories her friends have made during Roosevelt Summer Sundays. 

"It was like a blocked out time every week where we would get together and talk and kinda listen to the music," Xu said. 

Roosevelt Summer Sundays is continuing the 17th year of Ames traditions involving free outdoor concerts at Roosevelt Park. 

"A lot of families would come to this tiny little park and sit and listen, and it felt like a very wholesome Ames thing," Xu said. 


There are some hidden gems within Iowa State for those who are unable to leave campus for a while. Students have recommended places ranging from Parks Library to walking paths. 


Lagomarcino Hall is home to the Department of Psychology and School of Education at Iowa State.

Sophomore Teresa Pelzer said she enjoys the walk from the Memorial Union to her dorm. 

"I enjoy it because it's peaceful, and you get to hear the creek and see the wildflowers in the spring,"Pelzer said. 

Community members have recommended visiting the tiers in Parks Library as well as the courtyard in Lagomarcino Hall. Stephanie Zinda, an Iowa State alumna, said she enjoys these area to study. 

"The courtyard is really nice because there's different areas to it, between the main outdoor seating by the book statue and trees, but also the lower level which makes you feel tucked away," Zinda said. "A downside is that it is pretty popular in the warmer months and around dining times. But the lighting makes it gorgeous in the winter too." 

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