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Newly elected Student Government President Austin Graber was confirmed by the Senate April 17 during the Student Government meeting.

Iowa State’s Student Government will be holding its first meeting of the semester Wednesday. On their docket is confirming various seats, seating a senator to Frederiksen Court, providing funding to multiple groups and updating the Student Government Student Initiatives committee in the articles of cooperation with Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

The co-director of legislative ambassadors, director of sustainability and senior director of governmental affairs are the positions with individuals being confirmed to them.

Cassie Bond, Izabel Wilde and Nicholas Johnson are the candidates who will go before the Senate for confirmation.

Next will be the seating of Nicholas Kline to the senator role in the representation of Frederiksen Court.

He was voted unanimously in favor of the Frederiksen Court Community Council and will take on all rights and responsibilities of his role effective immediately.

The funding is looking to be dispersed between asset non-profit organizations, Student Government adviser supplies and “I Love Ames.”

$1,511 from the Special Projects account will be provided to non-profits who had outstanding invoices with Student Government at the end of last semester.

$2,300 from the Senate Discretionary account will go toward adviser Alex Krumm’s office space, providing him with supplies and computer parts to allow him to do his job.

$1,525.50 from the Special Projects account is requested in funding the “I Love Ames” event. The money will go toward equipment for student organizations and marketing.

Finally, they will update the Article of Cooperation to call the past University Affairs Committee, which was renamed Student Government Student Initiatives Committee in the third session of the 2018-2019 term.

Student Government will meet at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Gallery Room of the Memorial Union.

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