Candidate Open House

Vice presidential candidate Analese Hauber speaks with students at Student Government's Candidate Open House Tuesday.

With Student Government elections one week away, candidates are trying to reach more members of the student body to campaign and talk about the importance of voting.

With elections one week away, Student Government executive and legislative candidates gathered in Parks Library Tuesday to meet with their potential constituents.

Student Government transparency and outreach has been one of the main topics throughout the election season, including at the presidential and vice presidential debates.

Candidate Open House

Presidential candidate Ben Whittington and vice presidential candidate Annaliessa Michelotti speak with student voters at Student Government's Candidate Open House Tuesday. 

Sen. Jack Bender, who was recently sat as a business senator, said it’s important for students to learn about who is running for Student Government so they can learn more about what Student Government is and what it can do for students. Bender also emphasized the importance of voting.

“Why not be involved?” Bender said. “Why not have your voice heard? Because either way, these people are being elected, so why not put your word in there?”

Sen. Ian Steenhoek agreed that voting is important for students.

“When you vote for a campus representative, in my opinion at least, that is the best way to change something about your life, especially when it comes to your college life,” Steenhoek said.

Anik Chartrand, a graduate student in English, said she learned a lot about Student Government and the candidates at the event and intends to vote in Student Government elections.

Kathryn Paszkiewicz, a member of the Student Government public relations committee, said the turnout was higher than expected.

Candidate Open House

Sen. Jack Bender and presidential candidate Austin Graber discuss Student Government issues at Student Government's Candidate Open House Tuesday.

“We were nervous about getting students in here, but there’s a lot more interaction than initially anticipated,” Paszkiewicz. “Not a lot of people are bought in to Student Government, so it’s always hard to get people to our events, but I’m pretty happy with the turnout.”

Students can vote in Student Government elections March 12th and 13th at

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