A newly refined group of Democratic candidates will take the stage for the party’s third presidential debate 7 p.m. Thursday on ABC at Texas Southern University. The debate field has been cut down from 20 candidates to 10.

Ames City Council will be meeting Tuesday evening where they will reconvene and potentially postpone amendments to the zoning code, the rental code, and the creation of a new chapter 35, which establishes zoning regulation for the permitting and licensing of guest lodging to an uncertain date.

Student Government reviewed three bills Wednesday night. Bills for funding for a computer for a soon-to-be-hired administrative assistant, funding for a new office proxy lock system for the Student Government office and moving $13,000 to a Student Activity Fee Reserve will be voted on next week.

Going on its 49th year, Octagon Art Festival will take place Sept. 22nd with its first annual Chalk the Block contest being hosted this year in Downtown Ames. The contest will begin at 10 a.m. with judging beginning at 2 p.m.

Iowa State’s Student Government will be holding its first meeting of the semester Wednesday. On their docket is confirming various seats, seating a senator to Frederiksen Court, providing funding to multiple groups and updating the Student Government Student Initiatives committee in the articles of cooperation with Graduate and Professional Student Senate.

Throughout the summer, Iowa State had multiple construction projects around campus that renovated and revamped the area. The Student Innovation Center, Sports Performance Center and Reiman Gardens-Southwest Corner Improvements were some of the big projects that students can now see the effects of.

ISUCards will be updated to include an expiration date beginning in fall 2020, though students will need another form of identification still for elections prior to the implementation of this change, such as the Nov. 5, 2019 municipal elections.

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