One Love workshop

Student Government is sponsoring the OneLove: Escalation Workshop, from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday in the Pioneer Room of the Memorial Union.

Dinner will be provided as attendees learn about the warning signs of an unhealthy and potentially dangerous relationships, as well as resources to help those in dangerous situations.

This workshop will show a movie and also have a panel discussion about these warning signs.

"Repeatedly described as 'eye-opening' yet 'deeply recognizable,' Escalation makes relationship abuse personal, causing participants to ask 'What can I do to change this?'" according to Student Government.

This workshop is happening during Sexual Assault Awareness Month.

On the campus climate survey results released in May 2018, 80 respondents indicated they experience some form of relationship violence which left them feeling angry, afraid and “somehow responsible.”

Of those who reported experiencing relationship violence, 85 percent did not report the incident.

“[Some] respondents shared that they did not report the relationship violence because they did not realize that the behavior was abuse,” according to the Campus Climate survey results. “One respondent wrote, ‘Because at the time I didn't realize how unhealthy our relationship was. I loved her. She was emotionally abusive and controlling, which at the time I didn't recognize it as abuse.’”

The three other themes the survey found were that students experienced fear of consequences, that reporting wasn’t worth it or they had handled the situation themselves.

“This is really important, and it’s something that college students experience and people experience throughout their lives, and it’s domestic violence in relationships,” Senior Director of Student Services Zahra Barkley said when introducing the event at Student Government. “Giving people access, especially our students access to the resources to be able to notice those signs and how to access resources so that they can escape from these relationships is really important.”

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