Celia Barquín Arozamena

In addition to being on the women's golf team, Celia Barquin Arozamena was an active student in Iowa State's civil engineering program. Barquin Arozamena was murdered in September at Coldwater Golf Links in Ames. 

Collin Richards pleaded guilty to first-degree murder Friday in the killing of Celia Barquín Arozamena on Sept. 17.

Story County Attorney Jessica Reynolds said in a tweet there was no plea agreement with Richards.

“This carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison without the possibility of parole,” Reynolds said in the tweet.

Reynolds’ office released a statement saying this tragedy will not define the Ames community.

“We will honor the life of Celia by remembering her great spirit and all the lives she touched and made better by the time she spent with us,” Reynolds’ statement said. “The thoughts and prayers of our entire community are with her family and loved ones, and I hope today’s events can offer them some measure of peace.”

Ames Police tweeted Barquín Arozamena’s family will remain in their thoughts and prayers.

A native of Spain, Barquín Arozamena was a senior in civil engineering at the time she was murdered, set to finish her bachelor's degree in December 2018.

Barquín Arozamena was an accomplished golfer at Iowa State, she won the 2018 European Ladies Amateur Championship and was the 2018 Iowa State Female Athlete of the Year. The award was thereafter named the Celia Barquín Arozamena Female Athlete of the Year award.

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