Smartphone tied chain with lock, digital devices detox concept

Smartphone tied chain with lock on wooden table, gadget and digital devices detox concept

Brian Luke Seaward, faculty member at the Graduate Institute and executive director of the Paramount Wellness Institute, will be discussing the relationship between sleep, stress and technology in his lecture Tuesday night. 

Seaward's lecture,"Getting A Good Night's Sleep: Rest, Resiliency and the Art of Digital Detox" will start at 7 p.m. in the Sun Room of the Memorial Union.

According to the Lectures Program website, Seaward will talk about how health and sleep relate to screen use and technology.

"Over 50 percent of Americans claim to suffer from poor quality of sleep, which often translates into poor work habits, poor communication skills, compromised relationships, and compromised health," according to the Lectures Program website.

According to the Lectures program website, Seaward is involved with the field of mind, body and spirit healing. He also focuses on how stress management and relation relate to spiritual health. 

"Seaward offers workshops on employee wellness and health promotion in corporate boardrooms, on military bases, for medical seminars, and at universities," according to the Lectures Program website.

Seaward's lecture is cosponsored by ISU WellBeing, Student Wellness and the Committee on Lectures (funded by Student Government).

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Filip Bogdan

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