Graber Bhatia

Austin Graber and Vishesh Bhatia were announced to be the Student Government president and vice president with 54 percent of the vote, as announced on Friday night.

Austin Graber and Vishesh Bhatia have been elected as the next Student Government president and vice president with 54 percent of the vote.

The two thanked their team as well as their opponents extensively after the win and spoke about their faith in what football Coach Matt Campbell calls “the process.”

“Coach Campbell always talks about trusting the process,” Graber said. “I feel like ever since coming to campus we’ve been trusting the process, and this is just the process loving us back.”

Graber and Bhatia also both emphasized their thankfulness for a “clean campaign” and respect for their opponents.

Graber and Bhatia ran on the platform “Educate. Elevate. Connect.” which focuses on bringing Iowa State students together by educating on student wellness, elevating Cyclone pride, and connecting Cyclones.

Major platform points by the candidates include: increasing awareness surrounding the Tree of Oppression, conducting Fireside Chats and Reverse Town Halls, creating a mental health section in Destination Iowa State and bringing in lecture series that covered sexual assault awareness and mental health.

Graber is a senior in business economics and Bhatia is a junior in genetics. Both are currently involved in Student Government as Graber serves as an Ivy College of Business senator and Bhatia serves as an IRHA senator.

Graber and Bhatia are set to be inaugurated April 11.

Benjamin Whittington and Annaliessa Michelotti received 11 percent of the vote, and Cody Woodruff and Analese Hauber received 29 percent.

5,220 ballots were cast, resulting in a voter turnout of 14.9 percent, down 2.9 percent from last year.

Stanley and Heasley

The results of the Student Government elections were announced Friday night. Sandeep Stanley (left) and Noah Heasley (right) both earned re-election. 

Senators elected include:


Off-Campus Residence Area

Sydney Dondlinger, 1247 votes

Noah Heasley, 1124 votes

Matthew Klaes, 1103 votes

Alissa McMichael, 1253 votes

Morgan Mitchell, 1131 votes

Dustin Reis, 1019 votes

Kaitlyn Roling, 1288 votes

Jacob Schrader, 1142 votes

Hayat Sumael, 995 votes


Inter-Residence Hall Association

Madesh Samanu, 509 votes

Caleb Warren, 521 votes

Mason Zastrow, 556 votes

Alex Klein, 28 votes (Write-in)

Ryan Hurley, 6 votes (Write-in)


Frederiksen Court

Madison Mueller, 474 votes

Ian Searles, 47 votes (Write-in)


Collegiate Panhellenic Council

Morgan Fritz, 376 votes


Inter-Fraternity Council

Zachary Mass, 287 votes


University Student Apartment Community

Travis Lipford, 165 votes


Human Sciences

Ashley Burns, 468 votes

Nicole Latimer, 490 votes


College of Design

Taylor Blair, 251


Ivy College of Business

Jack Bender, 569 votes

Joshua Hanyang, 499 votes


Agriculture and Life Sciences

Kelsey Culbertson, 478 votes

Hans Riensche, 441 votes


Liberal Arts and Sciences

Lydia Greene, 386 votes

Jacob Ludwig, 435 votes

Mckenzie Meradith, 378 votes



Jacob Conn, 805 votes

Advait Mhaskar, 763 votes

Sandeep Stanley, 836 votes

Anthony Tonet, 881 votes


Veterinary Medicine

Kate Alucard, 5 votes (Write-in)



Anastasia Sweeney, 3 votes (Write-in)

Bryan Lampkin (Write-in:Tied), 2 votes

Christopher Pudenz (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

Dariana Glasco-Boyd (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

Garrett Gowen (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

James Schiltz (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

Laura Olson (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

Prajjwal Jamdagni (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

Sher Afghan Asad (Write-in: Tied), 2 votes

Election Commissioner Emily Rizvic said that “in the Bylaws, the Graduate college decides how to break the ties.”

Editor's Note: A previous version of this story misspelled Dustin Reis' name. The article has been updated to reflect the correct spelling. The Daily regrets this error.

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