An Iowa State graduate student has been indicted with federal child pornography charges with a trial date set for Sept. 3. 

Jona Paulus mug

Jona Paulus, a graduate student in animal science at Iowa State University, was charged with federal child pornography as well as sexual exploitation of a minor — a felony — and assault with intent to commit sexual abuse. 

Paulus was set for a preliminary hearing and a detention hearing on the pornography charges Monday, but the hearing was waived. 

Joe Herrold, the public defender representing Paulus, could not be reached for comment on more information about the waiver.

Paulus is currently enrolled as an animal science graduate student, but will not be permitted onto the campus without going through “formal university processes,” said Annette Hacker, program director of University Relations.

Vernon Hurte, the dean of students, could not be reached for comment about the university processes. 

Paulus was convicted of assault June 17 with intent to commit sexual abuse and sentenced to 90 days in jail, a lifetime sentence on the sex offender registry, placement in the sex offender program, DNA requirements and over $625 in fines. 

Paulus' charges, including the sexual exploitation of a minor and purchase/posses depiction of a minor in sex act, were dismissed at the state level and moved up to the federal courts. A no-contact order was issued at the state level for Paulus and the minor, according to the Des Moines Register.  

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