study abroad fair 2019 2

Students look at National Student Exchange information while at the Study Abroad Fair Thursday.

study abroad fair 2019

Students speak with a study abroad program representative and read information at the 2019 Study Abroad Fair.

Destinations from all over the world were represented at the Study Abroad Fair Thursday for students to learn information about study abroad locations, available scholarships and how to plan their study abroad trips.

Studying abroad can be a difficult process for students to navigate. The Study Abroad Fair was a chance for students to explore their options, ask questions about the concerns they have and how to get the most out of their experience.

Iowa State offers multiple study abroad locations and various programs for specific majors as well as programs open to students of all majors.

Ben McKelfresh, Marketing and Program Coordinator for the Study Abroad Center, said there were 66 tables set up at the Study Abroad Fair.

“I was looking at like England or like maybe like Australia looks like really cool,” said Micheal McDonough, sophomore in computer engineering. “I still have like a year to plan but I wanted to get a head start, see kinda how it works and how much it would cost and stuff like that.”

Students were able to talk with representatives of different programs about where they would like to study abroad and how to make it happen.

Ethan Wulf, a sophomore in pre-business, has never traveled internationally before but said he wants to study abroad for a whole semester.

“In business, a lot of my teachers said that it’s a really good thing because you get to experience the markets over there as well as here,” Wulf said. “It expands your horizons.”

Annabella Roberts, a freshman in preprofessional health programs, said she wants to be an occupational therapist in the future and would communicate with people from different backgrounds and speak different languages.

“I’ve been interested in studying abroad in Spain for a while, or pretty much any Spanish speaking country because I’d love to have a Spanish minor,” Roberts said. “I think that being an occupational therapist, it would be helpful to know some Spanish.”

All colleges at Iowa State have a study abroad office students can go to with questions about studying abroad and how the process works. Students can also visit the Study Abroad Center website for more information.

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