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Ames Mayor John Haila proclaimed Aug. 11-17 "American Wind Week" Tuesday. The week will serve to raise awareness on the benefits wind energy brings to Iowa.

haila proclaims wind week

Ames Mayor John Haila proclaimed the week of Aug. 11-17 as American Wind Week on Tuesday.

Power Up Iowa, a coalition of renewable energy supporters working across Iowa to advocate for increases in wind energy investment, supports this proclamation.

According to a Power Up Iowa press release, “the signing is part of a significant effort across the state to promote local investments in wind energy and highlight the economic benefits it brings to Iowa.”

American Wind Week will serve as an “important time for raising awareness” on how wind energy benefits Iowans through cleaner energy production and economic growth, according to the press release.

Iowa produces the highest proportion of electricity from wind of any state at 36% in 2016, and is second nationally in the amount of wind energy installed with 6,952 megawatts as of 2016, according to the Iowa Environmental Council.

Ames itself is currently in a 20-year "purchase power agreement," under which the city purchases 36 megawatts of power from a wind farm near Zearing.

The state produces enough energy from wind to power over two million homes, and nearly 10,000 Iowans are employed in wind energy-related sectors.

Furthermore, the installment of wind turbines on farmland provides economic stability to farmers. Farms net between $20 and $30 million annually from lease payments for hosting wind turbines on their property.

The proclamation Haila signed notes the state has "114 wind farms and 10 wind-related manufacturing facilities."

Gov. Kim Reynolds will mark American Wind Week with her own statewide proclamation at the Iowa State Fair Aug. 12.

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Janna Swanson

230 government entities across the US have blocked or banned industrial wind because of the many negative impacts for neighbors. In Iowa neighbors are given no choice because the powers that be will not allow them a voice. 100% of every industrial wind turbine is paid for by tax dollars and our utility companies are in this to build more infrastructure to get their guaranteed rate of return- nothing more. This huge build out will have horrible repercussions on our wildlife, our farmland and our economy.

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