Voting stands are set up at the Collegiate United Methodist Church on Lincoln way to let members of the Ames community for the Primary Elections June 5.

Governor: 100 percent reporting [Called in favor of Reynolds]

Kim Reynolds (R): 662,633 votes, 50.4 percent

Fred Hubbell (D): 623,099 votes, 47.4 percent

Jake Porter (L): 21,095 votes, 1.6 percent

District 4: 100 percent reporting [Called in favor of King]

Steve King (R): 157,221 votes, 50.4 percent

J.D. Scholten (D): 146,698 votes, 47.0 percent

Charles Aldrich (L): 6,312 votes, 2.00 percent

Secretary of Agriculture: 94.95 percent reporting

Mike Naig (R): 635,981 votes, 50.34 percent

Tim Gannon (D): 589,084 votes, 46.62 percent

Rick Stewart (L): 37,812 votes, 2.99 percent

Secretary of State: 94.95 percent reporting [Called in favor of Pate]

Paul Pate (R): 673,482 votes, 52.79 percent

Deidre Dejear (D): 571,731 44.81 percent

Treasurer: 94.95 percent reporting [Called in favor of Fitzgerald]

Michael Fitzgerald (D): 697,082 votes, 54.84 percent

Jeremy Davis (R): 543,176 votes, 42.73 percent

Auditor: 94.95 percent reporting [Called in favor of Sands]

Rob Sand (D): 646,973 votes, 50.93 percent

Mary Mosiman (R): 590,318 votes, 46.47 percent

Attorney General: 94.95 percent reporting [Called in favor of Miller]

Tom Miller (D): 863,809 votes, 76.53 percent

Marco Battaglia (L): 256,876 votes, 22.76 percent

State Senate District 23:

Herman Quirmbach (D): 17,930 votes, 75.08 percent

Eric Cooper (L): 5,821 votes, 24.38 percent

State Representative District 45: 

Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D): 9,084 votes, 69.04 percent

Ben Brown (R): 4,060 votes, 30.86 percent

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Aalaia Nebhan

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