Schofer began her tenure May 31 and previously served as director of neighborhood and public services, at the Brooklyn Public Library in New York with 20 years of experience. Schofer achieved her master’s degree from Kent State University in Library and Information Science and her bachelor’s degree in English and History from St. Ambrose University.

The aroma of fresh coffee beans pours out a single window. A white door hangs wide open, welcoming the next person that takes the six steps down to the Vinyl Cafe. Blake Delaney is sitting on the stool that is typically occupied by a customer chatting him up. A regular named Matt steps inside the basement shop. Delaney sings to the customer and hugs him before taking his reusable cup and making him a pour over coffee. As the caffeinated beverage is dripping, he’s picking on a small plast…

The Capital City Pride Fest Parade provided an opportunity for corporations, political aspirants, religious congregations and organizations of all kinds to march and show their support for, or pride in being a part of the queer community Sunday in Des Moines.

Every year in June since the Stonewall Riots, the LGBTQIA+ community celebrates the triumphs they have made over discrimination and celebrates the pride they have in their community. This gives June its unofficial title of "Pride Month."

With tenure status and salary on the line, end-of-semester evaluations are important to ISU faculty. However, research at Iowa State has shown an instructor’s gender may be a factor in how students perceive their instructor's effectiveness in the classroom.

The Des Moines Art Center will be opening a solely LGBTQIA+ art exhibit named Queer Abstraction from 7 to 10 p.m. on June 1. LGBTQIA+ identifying artists and performers, working solo or collaboratively, are able to submit a proposal for one of two pop-up art experiences.

Every semester, excitement arises within the African-American community during the graduation season. Joining with one another in the Memorial Union, the community comes together to do one thing: celebrate.

Pay It Forward, a club at Iowa State, has a common goal of inspiring others to create positive change. Pay It Forward is an established service and volunteer student organization which has the purpose of engaging college students in service and leadership.

Reggie’s Sleepout, an event to raise money to address youth homelessness in the community, will start at 5 p.m. Friday and end at 6 a.m. Saturday at Cyclone Sports Complex at Iowa State, with parking located West of the facility.

As of April 1, faculty and staff at Iowa State are able to add pronouns to Iowa State business cards, nametags, desk nameplates and email signatures. nicci port, project director of LGBTQ+ initiatives for the office of Diversity and Inclusion, said this project has been in the works since at least 2010.

Sex work isn’t a topic talked about at the dinner table. This secrecy and tip toeing around the topic hides the issues that need attention. Various forms of sex work exist, such as escorts, pornography stars and prostitution.

Pride Alliance and the Gamma Rho Lambda Omicron Chapter, the social sorority for the LGBTQIA+ and ally community, are hosting a space-themed Pride Prom from 8 to 10 p.m. Friday in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union to raise money for the Trevor Project.

In the last session of the day at the Transforming Gender and Society Conference on Saturday, students from across Iowa presented on a variety of topics including human trafficking, gender in the Olympics and different feminist organizations.

The Trans @ ISU Guide created by the Center for LGBTQIA+ Student Success was made in 2015 to help transgender identifying students, staff and faculty access resources and this upcoming year the guide will see new changes.

I support very strongly the men and women who have and have yet to come forward because I have friends and an aunt who was abused. The most important thing to be for a person who went through sexual harassment is to just be there for them. I have learned that it is important to let these people know they are heard and understood for what they went through. To validate and make sure they are not alone is all you can give to these people in your lives.

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