The day her husband got down on one knee to propose to her was the day she started noticing signs of abuse. Beverly Gooden, social activist and creator of the #WhyIStayed movement, shared her story of domestic violence and gave advice to students Tuesday in the Memorial Union.

In honor of Indigenous Peoples’ Day, this week’s Monday Monologue featured Rita Mookerjee, assistant teaching professor of women’s and gender studies, reading selections from her book “Becoming the Bronze Idol.” The book is composed of authentic poetry with feminist vibes.

This Feminist Friday will differ from those prior in many ways. Anna Carter, postdoctoral research associate of the ecology, evolution and organismal biology department, will be leading this Friday’s discussion on "De-Gendering Biology" and how the diversity of nature can counteract essentialist beliefs.

Drag is the performance of one or multiple genders theatrically, and is an expression and performance medium that is typically associated with the queer community. A drag show returning to Iowa State will give LGBTQIA+ students the opportunity to take the stage.

Z Nicolazzo, assistant professor of Trans* Studies in Education and a co-chair of the Transgender Students Research Cluster at the University of Arizona, gave a lecture titled “Un/Seen: Gender, College Going and Transgender Student World-Making” Monday in the Great Hall of the Memorial Union.

Gender is often viewed in the binary of he and she, but gender is a spectrum and has more than two options for those who identify within the spectrum. One speaker is planning to speak on gender and its interaction with college life.

As 11 a.m. approached Friday morning at Memorial Union, the large semicircle of chairs in the Gallery were completely filled by students, teachers and employees of the school. Dina Toulan, lecturer of American Sign Language (ASL) in the world languages and cultures department, used the semicircle setup in her classroom so that everyone was able to clearly see her.

After the Cuban Revolution in 1950, Cubans were forced to live under communist rule and many lost property, but even more lost rights. One of the ways Cubans sought to escape this life was through the Mariel boatlift.

Life is an ever-changing thing, especially for someone as young as a child. When a child has to deal with serious health concerns, life can become even more challenging. Wigs for Kids is an organization with a goal to make that hard time a little bit easier for children in need.

The department of world languages and cultures is hosting a series called “Brown Bag American Sign Language: Deaf Culture and Language,” with training in basic signs and important information about deaf culture. 

LGBTQIA+ History Month is October which means yearly traditions of events focusing on LGBTQIA+ students at Iowa State are now in full swing. This month is a time of remembering the past and learning from it, so what do students think about this history month?

The Workspace in the Memorial Union will be honoring the Mexican holiday Día de los Muertos, also known as Day of the Dead, by hosting a walk-in craft of paper mâché sugar skulls. This particular craft has been done around this time for the past few years at Iowa State to coincide with Día de los Muertos, which is celebrated from Oct. 31 to Nov. 2.

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