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Ames City Council members conduct business at their meeting June 18. 

Ames City Council will continue its 18-month discussion about the creation of a new chapter of the municipal code, chapter 35, which will include vacation lodging and rental housing codes. 

The Council will discuss three changes: creating a new type of principal and accessory code use within the Zoning Ordinance, establishing a new licensure chapter, chapter 35, within the Ames Municipal Code and modifying the rental housing code to clarify text amendments. 

The Ames Residential Satisfaction Survey results will also be discussed at the meeting. The survey was mailed to 1,350 city residents, randomly selected from the City of Ames utility users list, and 1,000 Iowa State students, randomly selected based on a mailing list generated by the Iowa State Office of the Registrar. The information will include results based on the survey-takers’ opinion of funding and satisfaction of current programs such as CyRide. 

The Council will discuss a boundary line adjustment for 2110 Lincoln Way, which Iowa State Fraternity Phi Kappa Theta occupies, and 117 Beach Ave., occupied by a six-unit apartment. The current property line “runs through the existing apartment building and is nonconforming,” according to the City Council Action Form.

The Council will also discuss an initiative to approve Phase III of The Iowa State Research Park Urban Renewal Area and Plan (URA), established Nov. 10, 2014, for economic development purposes. The URA had plans to use up to $7 million in Tax Increment financing to facilitate economic development. Phase III of the URA will include road improvements to University Boulevard, Collaboration Way and utility extinctions. There will be a discussion about street names and speed limit changes for University Boulevard as well. 

Additionally, the council will discuss restroom development at Inis Grove Park, which includes the Ames Miracle Playground and Field and Brookside Park. The restrooms will include gender-neutral bathrooms as well as accessibility to all community members with disabilities. 

The Council will then discuss the resolution to approve the cooperative agreement between Ames Human Relations Commission and the Iowa Civil Rights Commission (IRC). Discussion and investigation of Civil Rights Complaints will also take place during the meeting. The city has regularly contracted with the IRC, allowing Ames to use its resources to assist complaints and send the forms to IRC for further investigation.

The Council's meeting will be at 6 p.m. Tuesday in the Council Chambers at City Hall. 

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