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Chris Nelson is a candidate running for the Ames City Council. Nelson is running to represent Ward 4 as the current incumbent and is planning to create a greenhouse gas inventory and a quality of life plan.

Chris Nelson, a lifelong resident of Ames, has been a City Council member for the past six years and is running for Ward 4 reelection for the last time.

Nelson was born and raised in Ames, went to school at Iowa State and is now raising his own family in town.

Nelson said this gives him a unique perspective on the Council.

“I think one of the things I bring to the table is that I grew up here, I was a student here, I lived the student life and I have lived the life here as a permanent resident with a family — things change over time,” Nelson said. “It helps me understand Ames as a community.”

Nelson said this will be his final term on the Council if elected.

“I still have positive things to contribute,” Nelson said.

One of Nelson’s plans is to finish the Ames 2040 plan. The Ames 2040 plan is a comprehensive 20-year plan that gives a long-term trajectory to where and how Ames can expand.

Nelson said he ran for the Council because he did not like the way the Council was headed at the time, and he wanted to work to support the community.

“It was in the interest of the community,” Nelson said. “I still don't consider myself a politician.”

Nelson said his plans for next year include creating a greenhouse gas inventory using data to develop a greenhouse gases income plan and to create a quality of life plan.

Having run and won before for a position on the Council, Nelson said he sees himself having an advantage.

“There is a lot more to serving on City Council than it looks like; [it] takes a year to get up to speed,” Nelson said. “Being there for a while has allowed me the depth and the breadth.”

Another focus of Nelson’s mission is encouraging young voters at the university level.

“It's great to see young people get involved in the political process,” Nelson said. “It's challenging at the university level when students come and go in an election cycle or less. It's important to be engaged, to be out and listening. The city has a strong partnership with the university.”

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