The Board of Regents hold a meeting on Feb. 27 in the Reiman Ballroom at the Alumni Center. In their Aug. 1 meeting, Iowa State President Wendy Wintersteen expressed surprise at the decline in international student enrollment.

The Board of Regents meeting for August is anticipated to be brief, but will cover a few items related to Iowa State.

The meeting will be held telephonically 10 a.m. Thursday, originating from the Board of Regents office in Urbandale.

The regents consent agendataking up the bulk of the items on the agenda for the meetingincludes a proposed property purchase at Iowa State.

The proposed purchase pertains to 3.83 acres of land and an 18,200 square foot warehouse at 2105 East Lincoln Way. The facility “would serve as the new location for [Iowa State’s] Central Receiving,” for a purchase price of $1.45 million, according to regents agenda item documents.

The personnel appointments requested in the consent agenda include the appointment of Hilary Seo as interim director of the Iowa State University Library, and the appointment of Jacy Johnson as interim executive director of the new Office of Strategic Relations and Communications.

According to agenda item documents for the regents, Iowa State state funding levels “are less than 30% of operating revenues,” meaning the university receives more than 70% of its funding from tuition sources.

Audio of the meeting can be livestreamed during open session on the regents website.

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