Joshua Montgomery, sophomore in industrial engineering, is trying to make a push for the legalization of marijuana in the state of Iowa.

“The truth is,” Montgomery said, “Iowans — be they students, custodians, bus drivers, doctors, dog-walkers, patients, farmers, veterans or teachers — are suffering at the hands of unjust marijuana policy."

Montgomery and the ISU Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws came under fire earlier in the week when university officials condemned the groups' unauthorized use of Cy on their club T-shirts. The group promotes awareness of laws regarding marijuana, the arguments for legalizing marijuana and policy options for marijuana regulation.

"Legalization may be a nice end goal," Montgomery said. "But realistically, Iowa needs to take one step at a time. We need to get marijuana decriminalized."

Decriminalization is different from legalization, Montgomery said, in that it does not remove penalties, only reduces the them, "so people stop losing their jobs and students stop losing their loans. We also need to allow for medicinal marijuana to enter the medical field in our state.”

Steffen Schmidt, university professor of political science, gave his view on how the Iowa Legislature would react if marijuana would try to be legalized soon.

“I think the [Republican Party] is opposed to legalization, and they control the Iowa House.” Said Schmidt. This will make the organization's battle that much tougher, he said. 

“As far as raising awareness,” Montgomery said, “Our student-organization Web page will be operational during [Winter] Break, and it will house our petition initiatives — the root of our efforts. These initiatives will urge communities to print off our petitions asking for the decriminalization of marijuana and the introduction of medicinal cannabis.

"Freedom fighters will simply need to get the petitions filled out and mail or fax them to us," Montgomery said. "The instructions will be detailed on the website as soon as it is up and running. Once it is, we will run a statewide awareness campaign informing Iowa of the urgency for action.”

Montgomery also further explained the main message of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

“[The ISU Chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws] intends to bring to light the glaring necessity for marijuana law reform in the state of Iowa.” Montgomery said. “In no way do we advocate for breaking current laws; we seek to change the laws through spreading the truth and raising awareness of current realities.”

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Ray Lakers

if one state bordering Iowa could break open the green closet for medical marijuana or even full on OVER 21+ ADULT responsible use, we may see a little more progression than oppression by our state would be a good time to let some pot prisoners out of Federal & State prisons, start building a tax-base.

Today smoking a joint can be like drinking a keg.” said Iowa Office of the Governors Drug Control Policy Chief Steve Lukan twiitter @SteveLukan

*illegal in 48 states *Legal for ADULTS 21+ in 2 CO/WA
*Legal in 18 states for those with qualifying health conditions under state medical laws
*Recognized Schedule (II) in Iowa 1979 when a medical research or treatment, dormant since.

California Youth Crime Plunges to All-Time Low
By Mike Males, Ph.D., CJCJ Senior Research Fellow "The largest contributor to this decrease was a drop of 9,000 in youths’ low-level marijuana possession arrests under a new state law reducing that offense from a misdemeanor to an infraction (see table 2). However, other drug offenses showed considerable decreases as well.

Ray Lakers

Please contact Iowa Lawmakers Bruce Hunter and Joe Bolkom. They are introducing bills in the upcoming session 2013.

Iowa does not allow signature nitiatives on the ballot, this is the only petition that will get to Washington D.C.

-Nov. 15 ABC News reported that 5-Hour Energy Drinks have been linked in 13 deaths and 33 hospitalizations in the last four years.

those in the business of selling fear, medical marijuana does exist in Iowa, .the US grows marijuana in Mississippi and distributes it to 4 remaining patients for life in the closed Government IND program, 2 are Iowans. They get 300 joints of low grade weed rolled up in a tin on the 17th of each month.

The 3 winning messages in Colorado were (1) police should spend their time on more important things, (2) taxing marijuana would turn a money-losing prohibition into a money-generating system/marijuana is proven safer than alcohol (3) veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder should be able to use marijuana legally.

have you seen Art lately ? from DM CITYVIEW 4/19/12 - "The drug-conviction numbers reveal a system in need of reform, said Art Neu, a former Iowa Republican lieutenant governor and 12-year member of the Iowa Board of Corrections.

“I don’t think people ought to be going to the penitentiary for marijuana,” Neu said. “I’d either decriminalize, it or I’d reduce it to some kind of a serious misdemeanor. I wouldn’t send anybody to one of our nine prisons on a marijuana conviction.” Terrybull should take a cue from Art...

Ray Lakers

I know there is a tremendous amount of enthusiasm to get laws right in Iowa. This is not to be a Denny Downer, I just want to make everyone aware who are gathering signatures for an initiatives in Iowa to get this on the ballot, read this... "Iowa is not an initiative and referendum state, therefore signatures would only be used in the capacity to lobby for the measures in legislative session.[1] when Bruce Hunter introduces the bills, I encourage all to show if they can when on the floor late January, or call there elected House Rep and start a conversation.... I organize the Iowa Hemp Freedom Rally/March First Sat in May Iowa State Capitol

The Deacon
Jeffrey Dale

Iowa does not have a 'Voter Initiative' law so who you elect in office has the power. Probably the best reason to VOTE RESPONSIBLY. With Clel Baudler's open and ignorant opinion regarding Medical Marijuana (There is no such thing as Medical Marijuana. Ia Rep Clel Baudler) the people of his District still voted him in office. That means they support his misguided views on marijuana. History will look back on Clel Baudler and his ideas with disdain.

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