To the editor,

Attached is a letter that will be read at a prayer meeting in Grinnell on Monday evening. I share it with the thought you might want to publish it to give some comfort to students at ISU.

Tom Lacina, father of Jon Lacina

February 7, 2010

Thoughts from the father, mother and brother of Jon Lacina:

First, we want to say “thank you” for the many kind prayers and words of support we have received throughout this past week. We recognize we have many great friends and a broad community genuinely concerned about Jon and us. We know we are in your minds and hearts.

We also want to give you comfort.

We are thankful for the efforts by Iowa State University and other state agencies in looking for Jon. The physical search has been exhaustive. In addition, many of Jon’s friends and fellow students have made it their mission to get information out through the internet. Everyone has put forth incredible time and energy trying to find Jon, and they continue to do so.

We also think it might be of comfort to you to know that we, Jon’s parents and brother, are guided each day by the simple question of “What would Jon tell us to do?” Jon, a practical and kind young man, would tell us the simple truth we already know. He would tell us to do what makes life best. Live fully. Laugh. Eat good food. Be creative. Be kind to each other. Finally, he would tell us not to feel guilty for living fully, even in the midst of the present uncertainty.

We share these thoughts with you so you know we are working through this time in as positive of a way as we can. We are not suggesting we have this under control in our hearts and minds. Far from it. Our emotions as father, mother and brother run deep, and we find the need to frequently re‐ask the question to Jon in our minds as we drift away from the answer and dwell where Jon would not want us to stay. We share our thoughts here to let you know we have a compass to lead us through and are trying our best to use it.

We also share these thoughts for those, including Jon’s close friends and classmates, who are having a particularly difficult time dealing with Jon’s disappearance, so they might find courage to move forward with life as we all wait in hope.

Again, thank you all for your many kindnesses. We all pray for the best for Jon.

The Lacina Family — Tom, Alesia and Joe

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