Geoff Huff, investigations commander for Ames Police, said the driver who was chased by officers through Central Campus this morning was pronounced dead at Mary Greeley Medical Center this afternoon.

"Six rounds were fired, and at least one round hit the suspect," Huff said.

The identity of the driver is expected to be released Tuesday, Nov. 5. The only information available at the time is he was the son of the man who reported the vehicle stolen. It is still unclear whether the driver was an ISU student.

"No students were hurt in the event," Huff said. There is still information being reported to Ames Police, ISU Police and Division of Criminal Investigation.

The following is the order of the chase:

At 10:17 a.m., Ames Police received a report of a stolen vehicle. The suspect had gotten into an argument with his father and left the scene with a trailer attached.

An officer then spotted the vehicle on Grand Avenue and South 4th.

The vehicle travelled west on South 4th Street, onto Beach Avenue where the driver began driving north. On Beach Avenue, the driver appeared to stop. The driver instead backed the trailer up onto the hood of the police car.

The suspect continued north on Beach Avenue, eventually losing the trailer. He followed Wallace Road onto Union Drive and Morrill Road, a one way street which wraps around Central Campus.

The truck ended up on Central Campus and stopped on the north end after crashing into some trees.

“The driver continued to rev the engine of the truck, revving it back and forth,” Huff said.

A police officer gave verbal commands to the suspect, who did not cooperate. That was when the officer, who is currently on paid administrative leave, fired six rounds, Huff said.

Huff said this is an ongoing investigation.

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Peirce Lorenz
Peircen Lorenz

Despite the death of the suspect and the gunshots frightening the campus, this was a very clean police chase. High speed police pursuits often injure or kill innocent bystanders. This police chase went through the heart of Iowa State University without hurting any innocent people, and for that i'm thankful.

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