Toole Design Group makes their presentation to the Ames City Council on September 19, 2017.

City council discussed topics relating to the LGBT+ community and a housing moratorium at their meeting Tuesday.

Mayor Ann Campbell has officially designated Oct. 8 to 14 as “Coming Out Week."

This was to honor those in the LGBTQ+ communities who have come out and encourage citizens to “foster an environment in which others may find strength to do the same.”

The proclamation included language detailing Ames historic support of LGBTQ+ communities, which includes enacting a law protecting lesbian and gay citizens 16 years before the state of Iowa.

Joel Hochstein, chair of Ames Pride, was on hand to make a statement. Hochstein thanked the Council, Mayor, Ames Human Relations Commission and Chief of Police for their support of the proclamation.

Ames Pride is hosting Ames Pridefest with the Ames Public Library at Bandshell Park on Oct. 14 from noon until 6 p.m.

Additionally, the Council passed two amendments to the second reading of a moratorium that if enacted would put a six-month restriction on the ability to create new rental units in Ames.

The moratorium – if enacted – would only impact certain residential neighborhoods near the university. These neighborhoods include South Campus Area Neighborhood (SCAN), West Side, Oakwood Forest, Old Edwards, College Creek and Oak Riverside.

The council passed an amendment that would add Colonial Village to the list of neighborhoods.

The council had been urged to pass a moratorium during a September meeting by SCAN, where it was proposed as a short-term solution to buy time for the city to decide whether or not to implement a new ordinance restricting occupancy within rental units.

The moratorium – if passed on third reading – would be in effect until April 30.

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