The student co-directors of the ISU Blood Drive were excited about the big turnout for blood donations around campus last week. The estimated total number of donors for this fall was 2,100 people giving blood.

“Our numbers and our goals have been met and then some for some of the days,” said Aaron Lorch, senior in agricultural systems technology. “[We had a] great turnout from all of the days. We looked at it and sometimes it looked a little bit slower, but then it picked up in the afternoon a lot. The blood centers were very happy as well.”

Students and staff from all over campus came to donate throughout the week.

“I didn’t need [my blood] right then, but someone that’s dying certainly does,” said Jason Danielson, senior in electrical engineering.

Even with less planning time than the last blood drive, the committee was pleased with the way the event came together.

“I thought this year the blood drive went together really well and really efficiently,” said Cory Bryant, junior in kinesiology and health. “We didn’t have as much time to put it together this fall as we did last spring, but our committee stepped up and did a great job to get ready for it, as well as all the volunteers who signed up. They came, were great and were really helpful and respectful. Also all the donors have had great attitudes throughout. The blood centers have been great to work with, as always.”

Some students at Iowa State have had personal experience with blood donation and saw the importance in donating this fall.

“I donated because it saves lives,” said Kim Muench, sophomore in pre-journalism and mass communication. “I have had people in my family who have been saved by donors. With how easy it is, everyone should [donate].”

The student co-directors learned a lot during the fall blood drive and hope the one in the spring has just as great a turnout, if not better.

“We really got the hang of how volunteers and committee members can work together,” said Katie Weber, senior in animal science. “As we plan it, there are things we don’t think about until we get into the drive. Things come up that we didn’t anticipate, so it’s nice that we have the whole week to figure things out. We can use how things went this year and implement that next year. It’s nice that we have a second chance in the spring to make it even better.”

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