ames pridefest

A sign sits outside the tent of a vendor at Ames Pridefest on Oct. 14 at Bandshell Park in Ames. 

While June is “Pride Month,” and is marked by festivities around the United States, Ames Pride-goers will wait until September to have their celebration. In 2018, the 2nd annual Ames Pridefest is on September 29.

“Having [Pridefest] in September makes it possible for so many more people to take part,” said David Martin, a member of the Ames City Council. “When I went last year, I was struck by how many families were there. It was a celebration where they were being themselves... My husband and I have lived a lot of places, we really think ames has a lot going on and we are looking forward to it.”

The number of people who would be present for Ames Pridefest swells in the fall with the influx of students. Ames Pride, the nonprofit that hosts Ames Pridefest, said a focus for the festival is welcoming families.

Joel Hochstein, chair of Ames Pride, expects a large number of people to be attending this year.

“In an effort for us to enhance visibility and bring folks together in a public space, we felt the festival would be a great way to do just that,” Hochstein said. “It’s about creating community, visibility and building momentum for the equal treatment of all people, including LGBTQA folks.”

There will be a stage with entertainment including drag shows and musical performances but Hochstein said the main focus will be on showcasing local queer talent.

There will also be food vendors, local nonprofit groups, school organizations, church groups and local businesses present throughout the festival.

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