The Campanile struck seven as the Senate gathered once again in the Memorial Union.

After the usual processions, including roll call, approval of minutes and committee reports, the meeting moved on to further business. These are the highlights:

President Jared Knight, senior in political science, suggested to the Senate that they consider a tuition freeze that has been proposed by the Regent schools.

Pamela Anthony, dean of students, gave her personal background and spoke a little bit about the Dean of Students Office. She talked about what she looked for in a school when she launched her national job search and how Iowa State ended up being an almost perfect fit.

Anthony clarified that she has not been at Iowa State long enough to have a vision, but she will once she figures the institution out.

Anthony laid out her core philosophy and values in a presentation to the Senate, among them scientific discovery and collaboration. Anthony moved on to talk about the Dean of Students Office, which she said is an excellent resource for students needing help, ranging from personal to academic. The Dean of Students Office overlooks 14 different departments.

The Group of the Week, ISU Republicans, followed Anthony.

Chairman Kyle Etzel, junior in pre-business, who spoke on behalf of the group, shared that ISU Republicans is currently at 110 members and will try to retain their success, although they expect interest to wane as the election wraps up.

The Senate then moved on to open forum, during which Senator Michael Hoefer, senior in industrial engineering, took the floor to present on the bill “Funding for Improved Bicycle Infrastructure.”

This project includes installing a durable bike station by the Memorial Union, and its success will be monitored. Tools would be maintained and upgraded by Cycling Club. Funding would mainly be between Inter-Residence Hall Association and GSB.

Senator Jake Swanson, junior in global resource systems, announced that the agricultural and life sciences senator, Matt Kerns, freshman in animal science, will be seated next week.

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