Book Club Meeting

Students enjoy discussing the book in Ross hall Oct.5.

Ames Public Library will bring a new opportunity to discuss marginalized communities Sunday.

View from the Margins, a book discussion group, will take place at 2 p.m. Sunday in the Dale H. Ross Board Room and focus on novels that bring light to marginalized communities.

Eboni Brown, founder of View from the Margins, said she created the group as a response to the public’s concerns and frustrations about its attention towards minorities.

View from the Margins

View from the Margins is a new book club that will focus on under-represented social groups. 

"An American Marriage," by Tayari Jones, will be discussed Sunday and will give insight to mass incarceration in the U.S. Brown said she wanted to encourage people to open up and have conversations about these topics. 

Brown said not only did she try to pick books that covered topics about marginalized communities but also books written by authors that are under-represented.

"Really what I kind of kept in mind when I was selecting the titles was, 'What are the themes being represented by the work? What is the author trying to convey about the state of our society?'" Brown said. "Also, it was important to me to choose works by authors from marginalized backgrounds. Again, to just kind of have that authenticity of voice and perspective when providing this other perspective on really kind of sensitive issues."  

Brown said creating View from the Margins was very personal to her and understands the experience of feeling under represented.

"I am a black woman, so I think it is very personal, for me — not always having those perspective either represented or validated," Brown said. 

As the first discussion is coming up, Brown said she is very excited for people to show up and to hear their responses. Those who are interested in coming to the discussion group should call Ames Public Library and register through Adult Services. 

View from the Margins also has two more meetings, one on Aug. 11 discussing the book “White Tears” by Hari Kunzru, and the other on Sept. 9 discussing "The Origin of Others" by Toni Morrison.

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