Howl-O-ween - Dog wants to play

Milo, a golden retriever, wants to play with his owner, Courtney Magnussen, during the Howl-O-ween Party on Oct. 31, 2010, at Ames Dog Park.

The City of Ames Dog Park will be closed for annual maintenance Monday through Friday. Annual maintenance entails spraying broadleaf weeds, aerating, fertilizing the turf and other facility maintenance needs, according to a press release.

The dog park, located at 605 Billy Sunday Road, is just one of the 38 parks and approximately 180 athletic, aquatic, instructional and wellness programs the parks and recreation department offers for people in Ames.

The dog park is a permit-required facility, and it is required for all park-goers to have a Facility Use Permit Tag attached to all dog collars and be visible at all times, according to the facility policies.

Part of the dog park’s facility policies require all dogs to have a current rabies vaccination certification to be displayed upon purchase of a permit.

Permits come at varying fees for residents and non-residents, depending on whether it is for annual, weekly or daily use. Additionally, there is an increased rate for the first dog and then a lesser rate for any additional dogs.

For more information, the Ames Community Center can be called at (515) 239-5350, and all rates and requirements can be found online at the Parks and Recreation homepage at underneath its dog park section in the facility directory.

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