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Susan Gwiasda, public relations officer for the City of Ames, presented the results of the Ames Residential Satisfaction Survey on Tuesday. 

Ames City Council showed concerns of the language of the Ames Residential Satisfaction Survey at Tuesday night’s meeting.

The Council discussed the results of the survey, a collaboration between the city of Ames and Institute for Design Research and Outreach from the College of Design at Iowa State.

The randomly selected survey was mailed to 1,350 Ames residents and 1,000 Iowa State students. 

Susan Gwiasda, public relations officer for the city of Ames, said her “gut reaction” was the participants were more reluctant to give the highest rating for each categories. 

“I’ve been here for 15 years […] we [haven’t] changed the questions — because I’m afraid to change them, because they’re benchmarking questions — but I don’t know that people understand the questions all the time,” Gwiasda said.

Gwiasda said she wants to discuss the questions in early 2020 to find a way to clarify the next survey.

Mayor John Haila also announced he will be meeting with Gov. Kim Reynolds, members of the Iowa House of Representatives, the Senate and another mayor to discuss local issues. Haila said he wants to discus property taxes — specifically backfill, youth mental health and alternatives for the city rental cap which was repealed in May 2019.

Haila said he wants the meeting to be proactive with conversation between local and state governments rather than reactive. Haila said the meeting will be in the second half of October. 

The Council also voted to move for the first passage of the creation of a new chapter of the Ames Municipal Code, Chapter 35 and guest lodging.

Motions for the renovations of the Brookside Park Restroom Renovation Project have been moved to the second alternative, which is to accept the report of the bids but not award a contract for the time being.

This motion will allow the Council to reach out to the bidders and discuss the cost of the project beforehand.

“If we wait a little bit, maybe some people that finish projects may have an opportunity to schedule something out and bid it down,” said Keith Abraham, director of parks and recreation.

The Council also approved the rezoning of the boundary line adjustment for 2110 Lincoln Way, which Iowa State fraternity Phi Kappa Theta occupies and 117 Beach Ave., occupied by a six unit apartment. 

Additionally, the Council also approved to move to the second passage of the Iowa State Research Park Urban Renewal Area by correcting boundaries of tax increment financing district No. 1.

The Council then motioned to move for the first alternative which will direct the city attorney to draft an ordinance to change the name of S 530th Avenue to University Boulevard, at the south corporate limits.

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