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The Ames City Council meeting on June 18. The council will discuss their plan for block grant spending in their August 13 meeting.

Ames City Council will discuss internet improvements and flood mitigation in its meeting Tuesday.

At the time, there were suggestions to incentivize a third party to improve the fiber networks of the city or for the city to undertake broadband access as a municipal utility.

According to city documents, City Council had directed staff last year to:

  1. Provide cost estimates for a feasibility study covering the retail and wholesale models of city-deployed internet service.

  2. Provide a staff report with more information about the community ownership and deployment model including reaching out to Iowa State, Iowa Department of Transportation, Mary Greeley and the Ames, Gilbert and Colo-Nesco school districts.

  3. Work with private sector companies to explore the quality and scope of internet service in Ames.

  4. Investigate the Bettendorf-Davenport model of internet service.

  5. Provide a staff report on possible modifications to the subdivision codes to require new housing subdivisions to be internet-ready.

Council will also discuss flood mitigation projects, including a resolution to direct staff to move ahead “with intent to acquire permanent easements” for $156,000 for property along Squaw Creek.

“It is planned that the area would be graded to increase flow capacity of the creek and a structural retaining wall would be placed within the area to maximize allowable developable land on the parcel,” according to city documents.

The city estimates costs for this project will be $5,040,000.

The council will meet 6 p.m. Tuesday at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

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