Staff members from the city of Ames present during the Ames City Council meeting. Ames City Council met Jan. 15 in City Hall to discuss the 2019-2024 Capital Improvements Plan. Staff members gave a presentation on their recommendations for the next five years.

After a two week break, Ames City Council will meet Tuesday to discuss issues involving further conference on rental regulations, additional resources for the CyRide Buses and the next reading of the ordinance requesting to increase water rates.

The discussion on rental caps continues this week due to a need of further consideration from the council. The south campus area neighborhood is where this issue primarily stands. Students of the university and Ames residents share this neighborhood.

The issue at hand for the rental caps has been relevant for a few meetings. Students of Iowa State and citizens of the Ames community who are not affiliated with the university are both being considered in the discussion. Due to the amount of consideration, a conclusion to the matter has been delayed for multiple weeks.

Also during this week’s meeting, new proposals to the CyRide system will be discussed. The proposed alterations to the functions include a $600,000 bus wash and concrete replacements on CyRide turnarounds costing around $48,000.

With warm weather on the way in the next coming months, the farmer’s market will come into full swing. The consent items are regulatory and discuss the nature of the farmer’s market. This includes the dates of which it will be active and the regulations around the capacity and functions of the event.

The meeting will present the second reading of the ordinance requesting to increase the water rates in Ames by 7 percent. This ordinance will come into effect July 1 if it is passed by the council.

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