dead week CALS

On Monday and Wednesday of dead week, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences study abroad office is hosting treats for students.

From 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday and Wednesday, the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences study abroad office is hosting Dead Week treats.

All students are welcome to walk in, grab a cookie, coffee or hot chocolate and chat with the student travel consultants (STC).

Connor Bollum, a senior in agriculture business and international agriculture, has been a STC for three years and has several traveling experiences through the CALS study abroad programs. His freshman year he traveled to Spain, during his sophomore year he took classes in Greece for a semester and then travelled to Argentina for his junior spring break.

“[Studying abroad] helps push you out of your comfort zone and I’ve met a lot of great people through the trips that have formed lifelong friendships,” Bollum said. 

As an STC, Bollum interacts with students who come into the office curious about studying abroad.  As there are a variety of different study abroad options, he helps the students find the right fit for them and what they are looking to get out of the experience.

The CALS study abroad office offers shorter travel courses that span over spring break, summer break, Thanksgiving break and winter break.

These travel courses are led by Iowa State faculty and have a pre-departure class students take here on campus. Another option is an exchange or semester long program where students study away from Iowa State's campus for a semester.

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