Iowa State offers many different opportunities for cultural engagement: museums, a sculpture garden, the first building on campus, artwork surrounding campus buildings and lots of green space. However, many students often overlook the abundance of artwork that sets Iowa State apart from other college campuses.

ISUCards will be updated to include an expiration date beginning in fall 2020, though students will need another form of identification still for elections prior to the implementation of this change, such as the Nov. 5, 2019 municipal elections.

Sorority recruitment week, commonly known as “Rush Week”, will begin Friday. Iowa State's Collegiate Panhellenic Council — a collective representative of 17 sororities on campus — said this is a week in which recruits will face the “most important decisions that [they] will make during [their] undergraduate years."

Ames is known for many things, from its Cyclone pride to the Main Street events. The city is also known for its intense coffee culture and, so many people have different specific tastes, ranging from an iced americano to a vanilla latte with two pumps of caramel.

The Iowa State Fair got off to a hot start, with tens of thousands of people streaming through the fairgrounds and the Democrat who has caught the most fire in the race for president so far — former Vice President Joe Biden — attracting at least several hundred fairgoers to hear him speak.

As new diets and fitness plans surface, students are taking the initiative to reform old habits, but finding the time and energy for diet and exercise can be a barrier when striving to start a healthy lifestyle.

Moving into a new apartment can be challenging with all the fees and transportation — especially transforming that space into an area that feels like home. Here are some tips to consider when you're ready to start decorating. 

Ghost stories are a household staple at every sleepover, most often about some neighborhood rumors. In 2014, Iowa State was named the fifth-most-haunted campus in the Midwest from eerie noises at the Memorial Union to the strange movement at Farm House Museum. 

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