Music Hall

The Department of Music has had its home in several different buildings during its history at Iowa State. Some of those buildings have had more than one name as well.

South Hall

South Hall 1879

South Hall, formerly home to the Music Department, pictured in 1879.

South Hall after fire 1912

South Hall pictured after its fire in 1912.

South Hall is pictured in 1879, and again after it burned down in 1912.

Construction of South Hall took place from 1868-1869. It was the first presidential residence for Iowa State, and the first residents were the Welch family. The building lied east of where the Memorial Union is today.

There was an addition to this building added in 1871. In 1879, the departments of veterinary medicine and botany moved in after President Adonijah Welch and his family moved to a new building, called the Gables. The Gables were damaged in a fire in 1951, and were inevitably razed in 1963. The current residence for the Iowa State president is the Knoll.

There was another renovation to South Hall in 1880. A tornado struck the building in 1882. The Music Department moved into this building in 1896.

South Hall was destroyed in a fire in 1912.

The Maples

The Maples is also known as Stanton House and Music Hall.

The Maples 1923

The Maples, later known as Music Hall, pictured in 1923.

Music Hall 1978

Music Hall, also known as the Stanton House and the Gables, pictured shortly before its demolition in 1978.

The building is pictured in 1923 and again shortly before its demolition in 1978. 

It was constructed from 1868-1870.

This building was originally home to math professor George. W Jones. Edgar Stanton moved into the house in 1871, and in 1879, it was renamed the Stanton House. He lived there through his death until 1920. It was then renamed the Maples. His second wife lived there, operating her tearoom (called the Maples) until 1924, when she moved to the Osborn Cottage. Home economics took over operation of the tearoom at that time. Further renovations were made in 1926. 

The Music Department moved into the building in November of 1928. The Music Department used this building until its demolition in 1978. 

Music Hall today

The current Music Hall stands on the same site as the previous Music building. The building opened in 1980. There was a renovation in 2006, and it houses the Martha-Ellen Tye Recital Hall. 

Music Hall 2017

Music Hall pictured from the northwest in 2017.

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