While most Saturdays are typically spent cheering loud and proud for football, central campus was filled with loud and proud cheers for another important issue.

Iowa State Body Image and Eating Disorder Awareness club, or BIEDA, hosted a yoga session with Become the Change to increase student awareness about body positivity and eating disorder awareness. Become the Change is a project spearheaded by former Iowa State student Lani Tons, whose personal experience with the issues caused her to start Become the Change.

“After going through my disorder taking a semester off to recover, I wanted to do something with my recovery and that was where Become the Change started," said Tons. "I wanted to use passion for photos and recovery to join together into one big movement.”

Tons experienced an eating disorder during her time at Iowa State, but after going to a treatment center, she was determined to help those around her with similar problems. Besides “Become the Change” she has volunteered at the National Eating Disorder Association as a remote helpline chat volunteer. She didn’t start Become the Change until she had recovered.

“I started after I graduated, I needed to wait until I was fully recovered and fully not so triggered by certain things that would trigger my disorder," Tons said. "It’s like the saying 'don’t help others until you’ve helped yourself'.”

Tons has used her her skills from Iowa State, and The Iowa State Daily to further her career and fuel her skills into Become the Change. The event brought together people from all ages, genders and backgrounds. Yoga was lead by fitness instructor Meg W., who went through many yoga positions with the group, along with BIEDA Co-Presidents Jade Gibson and Stephanie Youngquist.

The rain in the morning did not did not stop the event, but did move them to a nearby tent which they concluded their Yoga session in. After yoga, Meg thanked BIEDA, Become the Change and everyone for coming and setting up the event, and concluded with a group photo of all who attended.

If anyone feels as though they have an eating disorder or want more information on the subject please contact this number: (800) 931-2237. Or chat online with this link: https://www.nationaleatingdisorders.org/help-support/contact-helpline

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