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July is set to be an exciting month for additional television shows and movies being added to the streaming giant’s lineup. After 11 days, Netflix has already released classics such as “Caddyshack,” “Taxi Driver” and “Rain Man” along with new-age shows that have been eagerly awaited such as “Stranger Things” season three.

July has already been a bombastic month for the streaming service, with “Stranger Things” season three breaking the record for the fastest show or movie on the platform to reach 40 million or more views on different accounts. As of Monday, a total of 40.7 million Netflix accounts had streamed at least one episode of the 80’s-themed supernatural thriller.

As we head into the middle section of the month, here is a list of some of the most exciting releases from the most exciting names in the industry yet to come in the month of July.

July 19: “Queer Eye” season four

“Queer Eye” has been a home-run for Netflix, reviving the show that became popular during its original run from 2003-07. The show follows Antoni Porowski, Tan France, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness and Kamaro Brown as they attempt to fix various aspects of people’s lives. The subjects of their help sent in by concerned friends and family. Season four will follow the group as they change lives in the Kansas City area.

July 22: “Inglourious Basterds”

Quentin Tarantino’s World War II-era masterpiece follows the journey of various characters, as per usual in Tarantino films. Brad Pitt serves as Aldo Raine, a Nazi-hating leader of a group of men known for viciously attacking Nazi troops. The story examines two different plots to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Separate from Raine’s plot, Shosanna Dreyfus (Melanie Laurent) is a grown woman who escaped Hitler’s initial slaughter of Jewish people in France. Her plot intertwines with Raine’s in the end, descending the film into all-out chaos with each turn being more unpredictable than the next.

July 26: “Orange Is the New Black” season seven

Following the ladies of Litchfield Penitentiary into their final season, season seven is sure to leave audiences with polarized reactions. While the show has lost a fair amount of its fan-base and poignancy in the past few years (the first four seasons averaged 95% approval on Rotten Tomatoes while the past two seasons have averaged 77%) the demand still remains strong for the dramedy. 

Honorable mentions: “The Croods,” “Last Chance U: INDY: Part 2,” “Disney’s The Princess and the Frog.”

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maxim van

The seventh season of the orange is the new black will be released on Friday 26th July 2019. Netflix announced the release date, by sharing a tweet on their Twitter handle.

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